10 Reasons Why I Wouldn’t Want to Be a Kid Nowadays

I read a quote on Facebook recently that said something like this: “You can´t raise your children the same way you were raised because you were raised in a world that doesn´t exist anymore.”

This happens for every generation because the world is forever changing. Nevertheless, we can´t deny the fact that the world has changed significantly more in the last 20 years than it did in the previous 50 years.

I can´t help but think of all the amazing things that I got to experience in my childhood that new generations won´t get to experience. The world where they are being raised is completely different to the one I was – back in the 80s. Which to me is the twilight of the Golden Years. I guess it all depend on your perspective of what Golden Years mean. But maybe after reading this article you´ll get a clearer idea of what I mean.


  1. Kids Nowadays Don´t Get Bored


Getting bored was one of the greatest things that happened to me as a child. My sister and I would invent and create the greatest stories and games to keep ourselves entertained. Boredom fired-up our creativity and turned us into insightful people, simply because of all the free time that we had.

Kids today have a lot of technology and gadgets to their disposal to keep themselves entertain. They also tend to have busy schedules to keep them busy all day long. As if getting bored could be the worst thing than could happen to a child, when actually, it can be the best.


  1. There is Too Much Technology and TV


TV in Mexico use to be boring back in the 80s, we didn´t have cable TV and the free channels were enough to put you to sleep. So we went outside and played until it got dark and sometimes even at night we would keep on playing. The world wasn’t such a dangerous place back then.

Kids today play on their smartphones, on their tablets, video games or they´re sitting in front of TV for endless hours a day. It seems like a kid´s life nowadays is lived more on the virtual world than in the real world.


  1. Their Egos Are the Size of Cathedrals


If previous generations think that my generation (millennials) is entitled, it seems like they haven’t met their grandchildren; Generation Z and whatever is called the generation after that.

Something happened to the parenting skills of my generation and generation X´s and are raising children to believe that they are the most important beings upon this planet. Of course their tender minds are believing it and we now have 5-year-olds walking around believing they own the world, talking back to adults, behaving like they´re 17 years old and who  feel like every adult needs to succumb under their every wish and desire.


  1. My Buggers Are Gray.


Yes! This might seem gross, but it´s a clear (or should I say dusty) sign that the air we´re breathing is polluted. It never happened to me as a child, that I would blow my nose and see the residue on the tissue gray. It happens to me now.

And this is the air that young children are breathing, polluted air-filled with smog, toxins and chemicals. Then people wonder why lung cancer rates are sky-high. Only lucky kids in the world who live in clean towns will get to breathe clean fresh air. A true luxury today. Something that we should give for granted, but that we can no longer guarantee for every citizen of the world.


  1. They´ll Inherit an Impoverish World


The poor have always existed, since ancient times. For some reason every single generation that has ever lived, has failed in eradicating poverty.However, the world has never been more overpopulated as it is today, which means that the poverty rates have also risen.

Back in my day the poor got to enjoy from a certain quality of life that is now disappearing, even for the middle class. We´ve all sort of become slaves.



  1. Clowns Now Scare Kids and People


When I was a kid a clown’s job was to entertain children and make them laugh. Today clowns have become a kid´s worst nightmare. My sister told me how it took her several hours to put my nephew to sleep because he was terrified of the clowns that have popped around in the U.S.  with the sole purpose of igniting fear in people.

He´s just a kid that now has one more thing to fear, clowns. As if there weren’t enough things already to scare children.


  1. All The Crap in Our Food and Products


We´ve all heard all the damage that GMOs cause to our health. Today eating an apple can give you cancer. When I was a kid organic didn´t exist and every apple was a healthy apple.

Today a kid´s organism is being filled with thousands of toxins from the moment they are conceived, they are born with parabens in their tiny organism and allergies and asthma have become ordinary diseases for children. Back when I was a kid it was rare when someone had allergies or asthma, and I never met ONE single kid who was allergic to gluten.


  1. The World Is Crappy Place


There’s always been a million issues to fix in this world of ours, that´s not news. But I can help remember all the forests, parks, lakes and rivers that existed when I was young. Forests that have been chopped down, parks that have been overgrown by cities, lakes that been polluted and rivers that have disappeared.

You didn´t hear of terrorist attacks back when I was young. The Gulf War was one of the biggest things that happened when I was a kid. Getting on a plain was easy, there weren’t so many security checks. Today you have ISIS, the Afghanistan War, The Iraq War, The Syrian Civil War, the MAJOR economic crisis of 2008, overpopulation, pollution, sky-high cancer statistics, increasing statistics of depression and anxiety and the list goes on and on.


  1. No More Love Letters


I still keep all the notes and love letter of by crushes, secret admirers and ex-boyfriends. Pieces of paper than have grown yellow with age. They´re all in a box at the back of my closet. The box I open when I want to take a trip down memory lane.

Today there are bits and bytes of love messages and notes that are saved for prosperity in a hard drive. There´s just something about this that doesn´t sound romantic. When I was a teenager there was Internet and email but that was about it. People drew things on paper, instead of using emojis for everything.


  1. The Pressure to Show Off


It is a frightening thing the pressure that children and teenagers are under to be showing off an image of their lives and themselves that is not entirely true. The massive pressure to be beautiful and good-looking because so many more people can see you now thanks to social media. Anorexia and bulimia were something rare when I was a kid, today is something ordinary.

Showing off when I was a kid was wearing a nice dress to go to a birthday party. Today is showing cars, trips, shopping sprees, partners, gadgets and the list goes on. When I was a kid there wasn’t much to differentiate us, except maybe the color of our Hello Kitty back-pack. Today there are so many more material possessions that a kid can have and which can differentiate him/her from their peers. Making the differences among them more noticeable.



  • This made me think a lot wow! I never compared what’s been going with kids to how we grew up. TV, Technology, all that “stuff” that complicates life. Wow, you are RIGHT!! I don’t know if I could deal with it now.
    Very cool article!


    • Thank you Ashley,I´m glad you liked it. Yes, unfortunately kids nowadays have it a lot harder than we did, it sort of feels like is not fare but then again we can´t really control most of it except helping out in whichever way we can.

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