What can be done to help the planet? You probably already recycle; however, there are other simple, easy, healthy things you can do that can make a BIG difference.

  1. Switch from bottled water to a water bottle.


The US alone consumes 1500 plastic water bottles every second, 80% end up in a landfill. Because not everything gets recycled.

If you think oil is just polluting through your car think again. 17 million barrels of oil are used to produce plastic bottles for water each year.

Buying a reusable water bottle can cost you around $20.00 dollars – One that is good quality and will last you many years. If you don’t like the flavor of tab water or would like to filter it even more you can buy a reusable water bottle with an integrated filtering system.

2. Go vegetarian! Or at least cut down on your meat intake.


The meat we eat today is nothing like the meat eaten 50, 60, 100 years ago.

You have animals injected and fed processed food that requires a lot of energy and materials to produce. That alone creates pollution, through electricity, pesticides, water waste and transportation. If that weren’t bad enough, if the amazon rainforest is being chopped down is not only because of the wood extraction but also to create landfills to grow grains, to feed more cattle to feed more people.

I know going vegetarian can be hard for a lot of people (I still struggle to quit tacos) however; reducing your meat intake is beneficial for your health, the planet and animals.

If more people were to reduce their meat consumption it would send out the message that the world doesn’t need large amounts of meat to be produced and it would give the planet and animals a break.

3. Buying healthy food also means investing in a healthier planet


Fruits and veggies are your best option! They are not processed, they are not heavily packed and they don’t require zillions of gallons of water to grow. Unlike meat.

Buying and eating healthy will benefit your body and the planet! Two for one! Ok, you can´t find this sales anywhere else, it’s like superhero offers!

4. Less is more


Save money and be nice to the environment. You don’t need most of the stuff you buy, before buying anything else think: Do I need it? Will I use it one month from now? Is it necessary?

Girls’ closets can sometime be overwhelmingly full! Remember that every single thing you own carries an environmental footprint. How is yours looking?

The most fashionable asset a woman can have is being environmentally friendly.

5. Support your economy and the local economy by buying local


Why local? Because it requires less transportation, which means less pollution to the planet, when you decide to buy local you’ll notice you’re also saving money.

And it is the best way you con contribute to strengthen the economy of you country, state, city and neighborhood.

6. Organic is awesome!


Is not just healthier, it’s also environmentally friendly. No toxic, harmful pesticides are going into your body or the soil.

I know that it can seem like organic is expensive, however, think how much money medications costs, doctors, hospitals and can you really put a price of your health?

Buying organic is the best investment you can ever make for yourself and for your children, you’re giving them healthier food and a healthier world.

7. Gas smells bad.


This is a no brainer! Gas stinks, so try to drive less.

I know sometimes is hard, however, it is possible! Take a walk, it will help you lose weight, it helps your health and… you guessed it! It helps the planet.

It a marvelous way of getting in shape and being a kind to the world! Take a walk, drive a bicycle, rollerblade, skateboard. Try them all!!! Keep it exiting.

8. Sometimes the old is better than the new


I had a marvelous laptop that lasted me eight years. I know!! It didn’t have the latest gadgets, but it had what I needed. I stopped using it when it finally broke down and it became garbage, I then recycled it and got $10 bucks for it. Not bad!

Don’t be fooled to believe that the latest everything has better quality than what you own already. Ask your mother how long get kitchen appliances use to last her, ages!

People back in the day got their stuff fixed! They didn’t just throw it away and bought a new one. So pay a visit to your local handy man who fixes stuff, you will be contributing directly to someone’s economy and your pocket the planet will be thankful.

9. Grow your own food


My brother-in-law has six beds in his backyard where he grows fruits and vegetables. You might be thinking how much could you possibly grow in your back yard? You would be blown away!

He doesn’t live in a ranch, he lives in the suburbs and he’s created an amazing way of eating organic, spending less in groceries, relieving stress and staying healthier by growing his own food. He has a full-time job and still finds time to water his plants, take care of them, make his own compost and harvest.

It is a relaxing and profitable way of spending time with nature.

My sister and him grow so much food that they give it away to their neighbors! so don’t underestimate the power of a garden, you can literally grow money, feed your neighbor and help the planet.

10. Small is BIG


You don’t need to be an environmental warrior on a ship holding a sign and fighting oil rigs to make BIG changes.

Small, little daily things that you do to help the environment like the ones mentioned above can make a gigantic difference.

Just imagine if every single person on the planet would stop buying bottled water or maybe reduce their consumption to one bottle a year, it would be trillions!!! Of plastic bottles that wouldn’t end up in land fills.

If the majority of people on U.S. would lower their meat intake in would save millions of animals a year from slaughter, it would help the environment and it would significantly improve the quality of the air you breath.

If you truly wish to give your children a better planet teach them to be eco-friendly. It will make them caring humans beings and they’d be investing in a healthier planet for future generations as well.

Lets remember that we don’t own this world, we are guests, visitors that will someday leave, what you can be sure of is that your inheriting this planet to your children.

Are you leaving them a good inheritance?


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