Most questions we can Google and find the answers quickly. Others are a lot more complex to answer.

I am an eternal explorer, not only of mountains and rivers but also of life, the human mind, the universe and everything and anything I feel curios about –which is everything.

I like answers. I guess being a frustrated journalist -living in a country where is too dangerous to be a journalist in, has driven me to seek different questions to find answers to.

I´ve studied Islam, Judaism and Catholicism/Christianity. I´ve studied other (less popular) spiritual paths and I´ve seek answers in science. Some answer some questions and others answer… others.

However, neither has truly satisfied my spiritual desires and they all require “complete faith” I´m just suppose to be a believer. For some personal reason I find it hard to fall under someone’s spiritual control and believe fully in everything they have to say. What I find even more interesting is how each and every religion and spiritual path requires this –complete faith– and most of them say they are the “real thing.”

Isn’t this some form of control?

“Surrender yourself fully towards us and seize to ask yourself questions. You shall only believe what we tell you to and if we can´t answer your questions or if you´re not satisfied with the answers, stop asking them, we know more than you do. Stop thinking and let us do that for you, because we know better.”

This seems to be the modus operandi of these spiritual and religious institutions, to seize to ask ourselves questions and to believe fully in their word. To surrender.

The reason why you should never ask yourself this questions is because they can sometimes mess up your sense of existence and tamper with your faith.

Just remember I told you so.

Nasa, planet earth

1- If the universe was created by the Big Bang, then where did the gases come from? I know science might be able to answer this one in a few hundred –if not thousands of years. But it doesn’t matter how back they trace the gases to. Those atoms or particles had to come from somewhere, things don’t just appear, they transform. If they were to just appear out of nowhere then, does magic exist?

2- What about the space where it transformed into the universe? How was it created?

3- If the universe does expand, like scientist say. Then where does it expand to?

4- Where does the universe end?

5- What is outside the universe?

6- What is the purpose of our existence?

7- Where does our consciousness come from?

8- If God created everything, then what about evolution?

9- Could it be, that maybe some animals also have consciousness but they can´t speak and they can´t fully understand us, which is why we can´t communicate?

10- If we evolved from the monkey, how come there aren’t any monkeys that have evolved to a closer level to ours, like a different species of humans?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

11- If God does indeed exist, then why is it that the most powerful people in the world don´t believe in him?

This is an assumption, because if they did, then they would believe in consequences to their actions. To which, they wouldn’t act in the horrible way that they do.

12- What is that light that shuts down in someone´s eyes when they die? If you´ve ever seen someone die while you looked into their eyes, you know what I mean.

13- If karma does exist and so does the law of attraction, positive thinking and all that stuff. Then where does karma end and positive thinking begin? What happens to someone who is a really good human being but is just not optimistic? Or vice versa. Which one triumphs?

14- Is there a God?

If yes, who created him?

If no, then where does everything come from?

15- Dreams are fascinating, you can dream for 5 minutes and you live in it years. What happens to time? Why does time disappear in dreams? All the stories and the happenings that we experience can sometimes not match the amount of time we where sleeping.

16- How can we experience in dreams feelings we´ve never experienced in real life? Just an example –I´m sure you have your own, so please share: For decades of dreaming I could feel what free-fall felt, falling from a cliff or falling from a building. I obviously had never experience free-fall in my life, until I bungee jumped.

The experience felt the same than the one from my dreams. How could I know this, how could I know what it felt before doing it?

17- Why do religions always tell their followers to stay away from those who can tamper with their faith? Isn’t their faith supposed to be strong enough to be subjected to a grueling questionnaire? And how come most religions and spiritual paths say to turn deaf ears to people’s questions about their explanation to life? They always tend to say “you wouldn’t understand”.

Do you?

18- Why are some people more curious than others?

I have a million more questions but I don´t want to drive you crazy.

Please feel free to leave a comment sharing your opinion, your own questions and if you can answer mine, PLEASE go ahead. I am always keen to learn.

Photo Credit: Nasa and Wikimedia Commons.


  • I think I’ve asked most of these questions too! So much of life is a mystery, but I’ve come to believe God created everything, but we and God are involved in a process of evolution and learning…a process that spans lifetimes. The world changes and evolves because we change and evolve and create new things—on a collective level. I don’t know why I believe these things….where that conviction comes from….but I agree with you I don’t surrender myself to religion, but instead ask questions in my heart and wait for the answers to find me. Somehow they always do and it feels like “knowing” even though I don’t know how I know. Kind of like in your free-fall dream. How did you know what it felt like to free fall before you actually did it? I believe some things we just know, even though it’s a mystery how.

    • Wow! i really like your response. i know what you mean, that sense of simply knowing. That little voice inside that just whispers profound things into your soul. I guess is just the mystery part that keeps me anxious 🙂
      Thank you for your reply.

  • “Go now, and wander
    For the welfare of many, out of compassion
    For the world.”

    ~Gautama Buddha

    • Great quote! three short sentences with an ocean of wisdom. Love it. Thank you for sharing.

  • I just stumbled on your blog by re-visiting tiny Buddha, liked your article, and following the link to get to your home page and blog.
    I am very grateful that you have had the courage to publish your innermost feelings and thoughts so that others (like myself) can feel that we are not so alone and different, that there are definitely others out there that feel and think quite similarly but different from the norm.

    Your blog felt like a fresh breeze after days of oppressive thunderclouds with no rain.

    • Hi Tracy, thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. I’m glad I was able to transmit the sense of unity that I was aiming for. To let others know that we are not alone. And that somewhere in the world there is someone that can understand us. Have great day.

  • Thank goodness,
    I felt am alone a wanderer of such questions….. I thought am going crazy sometimes because for every explanation I had counter question….By your blog I felt I have companies who wander like me….
    I like to share few of my questions….
    1) Even though we and many other people have same brain(exterior) but still we think very differently….why so…is there really any explanation??

    2) OK we all talk… We have so many different languages… Some are evolved from others but how humans got to know to call them in that way…. for instance.. Why should we call air as “air” only?? I hope you understand my question

    3) We all know that early men were communicating with signs and grunts…but who was the person and how did he found to talk??

    4) If god really exists will even he makes mistakes because there are so many evils in this world?? Or does he do so purposely? If so why? Why dies he always harm innocents?? And the cunning people gets what they want..why??

    I have infinite questions….
    But however thank you for sharing your questions.. I too did wandered about them..

    • Hi Usha,

      Thank you for your questions and your reply. Your questions are very interesting. I really liked your questions about language and communication, they are actually mind aching, just by trying to think of an answer. Maybe a linguist would be able to answer those questions better, and still I don´t think they could come up with an accurate answer.

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