4 Inalienable Truths About Life You Need to Accept


I can´t speak for everyone out there. I can only speak for myself and admit that these 4 inalienable truths about life have become difficult to accept. First of all, for many years I was oblivious to them. It wasn’t until I grew older that I came to realize how life was not as I had imagined. First, it was taking the brutal punch of acknowledging such truths. As the years have gone by, the fight has become about accepting them.

No. By no means am I a guru or yogi that has learned and fully put into practice these four truths and live happily acknowledging them and accepting them. I am no more and no less than a mere mortal, trying to make the best of this experience called life, and trying to make peace with the things that I cannot change.

  1. Change is the Only Constant Thing in Life

Be it good times or bad times, everything shall pass. Nothing stays the same. Circumstances change, our minds change, our desires change, our lives change, people change, the world changes, emotions change and everything changes. Nothing stays the same for too long. If you hate change as much as I do you will realize how this is a fact that is very hard to accept. But it doesn’t really matter how much you hate it, it WILL happen. Fighting it doesn’t stop change from happening, it makes it harder to deal with it.

  1. Happiness Doesn’t Last Forever

You’ve probably been deceived by endless films where at the end everything is a happily ever after. No. Happiness doesn’t last, happiness comes in short moments that dissipate and become ordinary life or hard times. People try to hold on to happiness and make it stretch as long as they can. They try to preserve it in photos and videos. Hoping that looking back on them will ignite in them the happy emotion they were feeling in that moment. As a result, the happy moment gets greatly lost by trying to preserve it. It’s temporary. But the same goes for hard times, they don’t last forever.

  1. Almost Everything is Out of Your Control

Your life, your health and for most people even their minds. It is said that the only thing you hold control over it is your thoughts, this is true, but it takes a very strong mind to be able to control their thoughts. You’ve probably become aware of this and realize that it’s very hard, however, not impossible.

Other than that, most aspects of your life are out your control. You can choose what to eat for breakfast, you can choose what you’re going to wear, but any day you can lose your life to happenings that are out of your control.

  1. You Don’t Know What the Future Holds

Humans are experts at planning for the future. We make endless plans for what our futures will look like. Heck! I’ve spent a great deal of money going to future-tellers trying to see what will happen, and guess what? No one knows. The issue about trying to plan for the future is that you hold no control over many aspects of life, which makes it hard to carve out a predetermined road that will lead you to an expected goal. Anything and everything can happen, you can´t tell what the future holds. It’s about embracing this uncertainty. If you’ve succeeded doing this, tell me how.

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