We have a maid that comes to our house two times a week and her name is Lupita.

After my dad died I wanted to fire her because we couldn’t really afford her anymore, but my mom thought otherwise. She made me realize if we fired her she would find it very hard to find another job, since she’s old and I’m sorry to say, but she’s really bad at her job.

My mom loves Lupita, because even if she’s bad at her job, she does it with happiness and enthusiasm. After my dad died, my mom also reflected on the fact that her presence was good in our house; someone to walk in with a smile and caring words of encouragement to us.

So we kept her.

I’ve been having a pretty hard week for multiple reasons that I don’t wish to discuss right now.

I woke up with a long face and went to the kitchen to make myself my usual cup of ginger tea.

There she was, Lupita, cleaning the kitchen, or at least pretending to do so. She asked me “Is everything alright Miss?” I said “Yes, Lupita I’m fine, how are you?” with a tone of discouragement and pretty much just asking out of courtesy than interest. I knew what her response was going to be, the same as every morning when she comes in saying “I’m fabulous, just absolutely marvelous.”

Every single day that she comes in she replies the same way, with a huge smile on her face and an enthusiastic tone of voice.

Today in particular her reply annoyed me. I couldn’t understand how could she be so happy when two of her sons were murdered, her husband abandoned her after beating her up repeatedly, she has to take four buses to come to work and she lives in a dangerous part of the city.

So I asked her:

“How do you do it? How do you stay so optimistic regardless of the life you’ve had, how do you stay so happy?”

She stopped what she was doing and replied to me with the next explanation:

  1. Why Shouldn’t I Be Happy? I am Healthy and I have Open Doors.


Look at me! I am perfectly healthy, I can dance, I can run a little bit, I can work, I can take the bus and come to work and see that beautiful face (referring to my dog Taco that she absolutely adores).

I love my job and the day I stop loving it I can quit and find myself something else. As long as I have my health and I’m not in prison I can do anything!

So why shouldn’t I be happy?

  1. Life Is Not a Disney Fairy Tail and That’s Alright



Yes! My life has been far from perfect. I’ve had to buried two of my sons and I remember them everyday, but they’re gone now, they will never come back. This is the life I GOT. I can be miserable about it, be bitter and waste my life away or I can enjoy it, I can smile! Being miserable about it won’t change anything, it won’t fix my life, it won’t make it better, it won’t bring my sons back and it will deprive me of a smile.

There is no magic wand to turn everything around and remove the events that have hurt me or to fix the world that we live in.

This is life miss, the ugly, the good, the hard work and life.

  1. I know We Live In a Horrible Country, But I Can´t Change That

I hate the buses I have to take, they’re old, they’re dirty, and they’re inefficient. The roads are not made well, the government is too corrupted and the entire country is a complete mess.


I didn’t get an education; I just finished studying high school a year ago, but still there is a lot I can do. I help around my community in whatever way I can and I sometimes volunteer when there’s an opportunity.

I can only change myself and be the best person I can be. I can´t change others that don’t want to be changed. I can´t change the country, I can´t become president, I’m a 60 year old woman that just finished high school.

But that doesn’t mean I can´t help and so I do it within my possibilities and that makes me a better human being than I was yesterday.

  1. What Doesn’t Work, I Say Fuck It.

Yes miss! Just say fuck it! That that doesn’t work as you expected, just say “fuck it!” So what! My life didn’t go as I wanted, many things are wrong, if it’s out of my control I say FUCK IT!

It’s not about not caring or not loving, it’s about letting it go, so repeat after me “F U C K I T!”

  1. Stay Away From Anyone Who Doesn’t Bring Something Good Into Your Life


It’s not about being racist, it’s about being smart. If someone doesn’t bring something good into your life whether it’s spiritual or intellectual then take them out.

If you hangout with people who are bad, they WILL somehow, someway bring you down with them. So stay away.

She finished her pep talk and said “Now go on miss, I have a job to do and you have to be happy.”

After Lupita cheered me up I could understand how and why she’s so important to my mother. I rarely noticed how happy she was, her optimism, enthusiasm, her support and her gigantic love for Taco.

Hey, when you find someone who loves your children as much as you do, you hold on to them. She loves Taco and Taco and I love her.

We just pay her money for her services but she gives us so much more for free.

Photo Credit: pixabay.com

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