This constant affirmations can  mess with your existence.

The internet is full of crap, and many times that misinformation can harm us more than help us. I learned this the hard way. Thanks to my wonderful therapist I came to understand how many of the beliefs I had weren’t exactly mine nor healthy. Even if they pretended to be.

1. Be happy!

Don’t be happy. Be angry or sad if that’s what you want.

“20 things to make you happier,” “20 thoughts to make you happier,” “15 whatevers to make you happier”… Common headlines we read while surfing the web.

I am guilty of using the word, however, that story wasn’t about making you happy forever but about bringing a small moment of joyful entertainment which was all I could offer.

Let me guess, you’ve read a trillion of this stories, they all promise happiness, you keep reading stuff you already know and very rarely a thing or two you didn’t know about.

Has it really made you happier?

First of all, STOP IT! No. You don’t have to be happy ALL the time. Is not even realistically possible to be “high” all the time and if you are, you are a guru or not human.

This “happiness” phenomenon is fucking people up more than helping. You need to face your emotions and feelings. If you’re angry, GOOD! Acknowledge it, face it, why are you angry? How can you fix it? Does it have a solution? Yes, no, whatever. Feel that anger, accept it and then let it go.

You feel sad, be sad! It is a natural feeling of the human mind. Don’t run away from it. Understand why you are sad and if there’s no reason then fair enough.

IT IS NORMAL TO FEEL SAD, ANGRY, DISAPOINTED… Negative emotions are normal just like positive ones.

The best advice I can give you to be happier is DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT WHAT ANYONE THINKS.

2. How to be healthier

You know pretty damn well what you need to do and eat to be healthier, you just want someone else to say it. Most people are waiting to read something like “ice-cream is good for you and exercise is not.” Yeah, mmm, that will never happen and if it does click away because they’re lying. Is probably a study done by Baskin Robbins to increase their sales.

Stop eating junk food, eat fruits and veggies and start exercising. Yes, there are some fruits, veggies and nuts that are better than the “ordinary.” So read that stuff that’s good but also put it into practice.

AVOID!!! the latest “cool diet” like the plague. every year there’s a new product or diet that promises to make you healthier and slimmer, the all die eventually except the traditional healthy diet and exercise.

3. Fight for your dream. You can be anything you want to be.


Not every time and that is ALL RIGHT.

Ok, so you want to be a DJ but you’re deaf. Sorry pal is not gonna happen and that’s ok. You can do other things, don’t get frustrated because you can’t be the ONE thing you really wanted. Sometimes it doesn’t happen.

It doesn’t mean you should quit on life, it means you should get creative and look for other things you hadn’t even thought of and that you might love and kick ass doing.

Stop believing we are all meant to be ONE thing. Matt Damon is an actor, director and screenwriter.

Get a new dream.

4. You have to outshine

No you don’t. You don’t have to excel if it’s not what YOU want. Don’t care about what others say you are suppose to be and do.

You can be a bartender if that’s what you want, if it’ll make you happy, do that. You don’t have to be Gandhi, Steven Spielberg or Oprah.

If you want a calm and quite life then do it (in today’s times that’s harder to achieve than becoming Oprah).

5. How to be more productive

You don’t have to be more productive. The corporations want you to be more productive.

If you don’t want to work 16 hours a day that is extremely all right, YOU DON’T HAVE TO.

I hate reading this fucking annoying stories on how economically successful people are very productive.

NOOOOOOOO. It is ok to stare at the stars, it is ok to waste some time just reading a book or thinking about nothing. Go out  to the park and stare at the dogs playing, do something everyday that relaxes you, even if you’re “wasting” time. Because you’re not wasting it, you’re  investing it in making you happy.

Human’s are not robots and are not meant to be working and being productive 24/7

If you didn’t do the dishes today and your house is not immaculately clean it’s ok. I’m not saying that it’s cool to live in a dumpster. But hey, you are entitled to not be productive ALL the freaken time.

That’s why everyone is stressing so much, because no one ever feels productive enough. Fuck it.

Bottom line. Relax! you don’t have to  be super-human. You only need the be the best version of yourself, NEVER using others as a rule. 

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  • Hey there! I found you through your recent article on tiny Buddha and I really needed to hear the tv ok for me to be different. I, too, have been called weird, fat, ugly, annoying, bitchy, dramatic, sensitive, etc. I have never felt good enough. I have always felt unimportant. I’ve grow and gotten a lot better but I still am controlled my peoples opinions of me. Anyways, I loved your article and am so happy I found your website.

    • Hi Debby.
      Growing independent from other people’s opinions is a life long journey. It is fighting over them and going within yourself to understand you are not what they think.
      Those who want to hate will hate. Whether you are skinny, fat, white, brown, black, muslim, jewish, smart, not smart, sensitive, cold, outgoing or shy. You can never please everyone, so just focus in carrying with pride who you are, because that is what makes you beautiful.
      It is what makes you extraordinary that uplifts your beauty. That’s why designer break their heads trying to come up with DIFFERENT ideas.
      Wish you all the best and is an honor to have you onboard, welcome to the wanderside.

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