We all need cheering up sometimes. Even if we don’t, smiling is still beneficial to your health; it increases your serotonin  levels and improves your immune system.

So here are  5 short videos to bright up your day, make you smile, crack a few laughs, get you inspired and help you relax.


  1. Dog With Hose Gets Owner Wet.



2. Jerrome Jarre – Don’t Let Anyone Tell You How To Smile



3.  Ariamark – The Day I Passed Maths


The teenage boy who created this video  had been struggling with school for a long time. One year before he made the video he was failing math with an F and needed a C to pass. Neither his teachers, his dad or himself though he was going to pull it through.

The day he passed math he left a camera rolling before breaking the happy news to his dad, his dad’s reaction is priceless.


4. Child With Cerebral Palsy Finishes Triatlon



5. Brad Rich – Humpback Whales Feeding


I would recommend watching the whole video, if you don’t have enough time then fast forward to second 45.


Now that you’re smiling, go on and have a great day and remember to share the joy!

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