We put up with a lot of stuff in life; it’s part of the game. Like everyone knows life is a journey full of lessons to be learned. But we, sometimes, put up with more than we should.

Below is a short list of things you should NEVER put up with, tolerate or accept.

1- Being disrespected.


One thing is ego and another one is self-respect, learn to tell the difference. I was looking for a good way of explaining this two, but I found someone who had already done a good job telling the difference.

Ego is about establishing your importance or superiority – usually in one sense or another comparing yourself to others and wanting to prove yourself to be better.

Self-respect – is about maintaining your confidence and a boundary in light of situations where someone is treating you unfairly.

Ego is about placing importance on image over compassion.

Self-respect is about fighting fairly when you’re deprived of what you deserve.

You should NEVER put up with people who disrespect you, It’s not about tolerance is about self-respect. The moment you let others disrespect you, you are disrespecting yourself. Treasure and value yourself not only to walk away when there’s abuse, but also to stand up and demand a basic right that is yours, RESPECT.

2- Lies

Facing the truth can be difficult, which is why most people avoid it at all cost. The truth can bring a series of uncomfortable situations that can seem better to avoid. But, nothing!! Ever changes for the better if it’s not confronted.

An addict cannot change his/hers harmful ways without first admitting he/she has a problem. And this goes for other aspects in life, take a look around and analyze where in your life there are constant lies? Why is there a need for lying? Because there’s probably something nor pretty that needs lots of makeup on just to make it tolerable. But, is it worth it?

The worst type of lying there can be is to your own self, deceiving others is a dreadful thing to do, but lying to your own self is the worst thing you can ever do. Always! Seek the truth and face it. Even if it’s painful.

3- Abuse in all of its forms.


During our lifetime we WILL have several perpetrators, it is unfortunately IMPOSIBLE to live a life where we will never be abused in some way or another. Abuse doesn’t come only in the form of physical violence, it has many shades.

As children, being abused by other children in the form of bullying is pretty common. As we grow older there WILL be other perpetrators, bosses, friends, partners, family members, friends, governments and even complete strangers.

Don’t put up with it; find a way to fight back, violence is almost never the answer — usually, although sometimes it’s necessary.

In most cases there’s always a way to fight back in a non-violent way, if you’re being physically attacked then you better throw a great punch.

Abuse rarely stops because the perpetrator has a sudden change of heart; it stops when the person being abused stands up and makes it stop.

4- Betrayal


I’m not saying to hold a grudge; actually to forgive is one of the toughest and most beautiful lessons in life, which is letting go of a grudge.

However, to forgive betrayal and to put up with betrayal are two different things. If anything, it would make you stupid to put up with betrayal.

It is not only a break of trust but also a form of abuse. Forgive it (or at least try) but don’t put up with it. To trust someone who has betrayed you is to swim with sharks while holding a piece of meat and expecting not to get bitten. Stay away from those who betrayed you, usually they will do it again if they have the opportunity.

5- Control


People LOVE control. And even more if it involves control over other people, then in becomes power. It is their gigantic egos that make them believe that they know best and so they impose their will upon others or in the worst case scenarios they are solely seeking a personal gain, to which control over others is essential, like in the case of politicians and governments.

We live constantly in a world that tries to control us in many ways, religions are the main perpetrators of control and they have billions of humans following their orders. Marketing specialist control your perception of happiness and your shopping habits. Governments control your freedom of speech, behavior and many other aspects of your life. Control IS power and the world has insatiable thirst for power.

Even the people around you  – is very likely, but not a rule that they will try to control you to some extent. Some more than others.

No one!!!!!!! Has the power to control you unless you let them. First you need to realize your being controlled and then you have to find your own way of breaking free.





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  • Please alter your ‘two’ to ‘too’ or it doesn’t make sense. :’I was looking for a good way of explaining this two, but I found someone who had already done a good job telling the difference’. I enjoyed the piece though.

    • Thank you Gina! I wrote TWO because I was meaning as in number not as in a lot. I’m glad you enjoyed the story.

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