Oh feelings!! What would we be without them? Some are nasty, but others are just absolutely marvelous. This is a short list of some of the best feelings we can have, sometimes is nice to remember we can have those as well.

1- Accomplishment

Getting the job done, that essay, that presentation. Achieving that goal, making it to the summit. Fighting against the odds and making it to the end.

Our blood pumping through our veins, are heart beating with joy, our shoulders are pulled back and our chin up in the air.

Can you remember that day when you made it? Can you still feel the joy, that feeling of triumph, of knowing that YOU can make it happen.

 2- Pride

I´m talking of the good kind here, not the pride that keeps you from saying you´re sorry.

But the pride of doing something well, or seeing someone you love carry out something. The butterflies in your stomach, your heart swollen with pleasure, your chest doubled in size.

That feeling of knowing that excellence is possible. Because excellence is the best we can do, not the best that the world imagines.

3- Bravery

We all have fears, we are all scared of something or multiple things. And we´ve all faced something we feared and when we do, we know we feel like Gandalf against the Balrog.

We understand that thing we feared so much (even if it was hard to face) and we realize, we can do it and if you can face one fear, you can face more.

The thrill running you your veins, the excitement crawling through your skin, your heart inflated, but your chest compressed. And you can listen to your mind letting you know that this is it, you are doing it, you´re fighting for what you want or what you need and there’s only looking ahead.

Bravery is what helps us walk outside our comfort zone in search of a goal.

4- Love

I think this is the greatest feeling we can have and yet I find it so hard to describe it, because there aren’t enough words to send the power and joy of love.

Thats why we need poets, because they describe through analogies what cannot be described in plain words.

But i´ll try and do my best. I think we know what it feels like. The happiness rushing through our bodies, our heart beats jumping out of our chest, the desire to want to make the other person´s life better.

The idea that a world without them can not exist, the tenderness in our compassion and kindness blushing through our actions. And I don´t mean just romantic love, for sisterly love, parent love, pet love, love for nature, etc.

5- Happiness

Of course I was going to write happiness! We like to be happy and we love it when we´re happy.

You´re smiling, living in the present,  your body is relaxed, but your heart is exited. I don´t thing happiness needs further insight. The feeling that everything is possible, the joy in your body, your mind ecstatic. I´m not talking about contentment, that is the mediocre version of happiness, I’m talking about that absolute sense of happiness.

6- Peace

I chose peace for last because most of us don´t give it enough importance until we whether don´t have it or we have finally found it.

Peace and love I would personally choose as the best feelings of all. Because our mind, body and spirit are all synchronized to give us a moment of complete tranquility. We don´t worry about the past or the future, we have made conciliation with whatever was bothering us. There´s no rush, no needs, no desires, just us, in a joyful state of calmness

 We feel content and in armory with ourselves and the world around us.

It´s only when you´ve found complete peace and then lost it that you´ll spend your  time trying to get it back.

Please leave a comment describing other great feelings and share this, maybe it can make someone feel better.

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