It´s no secret that we´re living in the era of the corporations. They run our lives in more ways than we would like to believe.

Of course this is done in a very subtle way, most of the times we rarely notice it and we think we are making choices out of our own judgment.

You could believe it is YOU making the choices, if only your judgment hadn’t been meticulously crafted to make you act, shop and react exactly how the corporations want you to.

 1- Beauty

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

I won’t fight this quote, I think is right, beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. Unfortunately what we perceive as beauty is only the perception that someone else wants is to view as beauty and its been shoved down our throats.

Thick lips, tiny waist, big butts, big breasts, small nose, invisible pores, flat tummy and long hair –or maybe short, depending on the latest trend.

See what I mean? Depending on the trends. We see beauty how the fashion industry wants us to see beauty. If tomorrow the fashion trends impose thin lips and love handles as fashionable and beautiful our perception will change again.

We´ll see women going to their plastic surgeons to get lip reduction and fat injected into their tummies.

Ridiculous huh? Well… isn’t it ridiculous that women go their plastic surgeon to get fat sucked out of their tummies?

Youth. Youth is a huge marketing strategy to sale beauty products. How do you create a loyal market for decades to come? By making women feel shit about aging, every woman will age. You grab them young; tell them that if they age their beauty will fade away and voila, you have loyal customers for life.

Here is a short list of some of the aspects in our life that have been severely modified by corporations.

2-  Women

Ok, this is nothing new. Women have been denigrated for centuries. However, corporations around the world have done little to lift our gender from the grounds of objectification. On the contrary, they have encourage the diminishing perception of what a woman represents.

In ads we are generally painted with nearly no clothes or trotting down the street with guys checking out our ass.

Pretty, we´re always made to believe we always have to look pretty! If a woman is not pretty, she is failing as a woman. When guys are not handsome it doesn’t take their masculinity away but if a woman is not pretty she is less of a woman. No wonder fashion and beauty is mostly targeted at females.

If this weren’t enough, we are marketed as meat for men! “It doesn’t matter if a woman can´t think, as long as she has a nice rack and a tight ass” Isn’t this the not so direct mantra marketed to the masses by adds?

Hey! Don´t kill the messenger, analyze it yourself.

3- Happiness


“What is happiness to you David?”

I love this quote from Vanilla Sky, David didn’t really know what was happiness to him, he had to go to hell and back to figure it out.

Every corporation has tried to sell “happiness” to their clients and customers. If you buy this car you´ll be happier, if you buy this pair of shoes you´ll be happier, if you buy this condo you´ll be happier. Hell!! Buy everything and you´ll be happier.

Yes! Happiness is for sale and you can achieve it with a high income, but then you´ll want to buy more expensive stuff for which you´ll need an ever higher income.

So we are driven to believe that happiness is always one step higher but through money and purchases we can achieve it.

I wonder if this were true, how come even the higher class is hooked on antidepressants?

4- Love

A long with happiness, love is always up there in the marketing strategies created by corporations for corporations. Love can sell everything! Chocolate, jewelry, perfumes, cars and of course, love can sell sex.

Love suddenly became a fashion accessory to life; the emotional part of love is often misrepresented as corniness or unnecessary hustle.

Men want functioning housewives that will bring in the bacon but also take care of the kids and women want a handsome stud that can get them knocked up and make a high income so they can buy pretty stuff that will make them prettier for the world to see.

Love has passed to a second place when there are so many other things to think of like: income, physical looks, education and age.

What did the Twilight series and 50 Shades of Grey taught women? To act helpless and foolish and you shall find a rich handsome man who will take care of you.

5- Success


“If you measure success by the amount of money in your bank account, you´ll feel like a failure you entire life” My Dad

Success is mostly targeted as having a high income and multiple properties or at least one. What is the first image that comes to your mind when you think about a successful person?

For many years for me it was a man or a woman dressed really nice –with like office clothes, suits and high heels and stuff. Driving a flash car and coming home to an awesome penthouse or incredible mansion, of course making hips of money and getting incredible sex.

Until I came across this woman. She worked as a bartender where I worked, she had her small ranch on the outsides of the small town, she came home to her loving husband and would spent some nights talking to her daughters on the phone (since they lived overseas). She would spend her days off walking on the beach or drinking wine with friends. She still made love to her husband after 30 years of marriage and she had an incredibly kind heart, always willing to help others. And Oh My God! Did she smile! She was happy with the life she had built for herself.

When I got to know her I realized I wanted to be like her when I grew up. Many could see her like a failure, why? Because she´s not rich and she has a shit load of bills to pay. But she´s happy, she enjoys her job, she raised two amazing girls and she is still married to the man of her dreams whom she loves very deeply. She IS success.

6- Life

Our life has been reduced to work, studying and shopping. We accumulate education degrees like if they were clothes, the more the merrier right? Hey, I have nothing against education, but one thing is knowledge and another one is wisdom. We have millions of college graduates with a salt grain of wisdom thrown into the vicious jaws of the corporate world.

They work they´re little ass off in office jobs hoping they´ll make CEO one day but, only ONE in millions will make it to that top job and the rest will keep working endlessly hoping they´ll get there.

I believe everyone can accomplished whatever they set their mind to, but I also know that the corporate world is full of lies, false promises of a better life that lead (many times) to job cuts and frustrated workers deprived of the sense of what life truly is.

Of course, they can go shopping on the weekends; spend that money well into what looks good. Hey, at least they´ll look awesome working a job the majority hates.

What is life?

I don´t really know the answer to this one, all I know is that for some reason all this doesn’t seem right.

Becoming a corporate slave doesn’t seem like life, giving the best years of your life to some company that wouldn’t think twice of letting go if it means a profit, doesn’t seem an ethical way to spend my time.

When we go to work we are selling our time, the problem is we can never buy back.

So… to whom do we want to sell it to? If it where your body, who would you sell it to? To the kinky pervert that will want masochistic sex or to the nice, caring boy who will make sweet love to ya?

Is very likely that the kinky man will pay you more, but are you willing to do what it takes and above all, will you feel good about it during and after? Is the money worth the suffering?

Photo Credit: Eduardo Briseño Photography. If you wish to see more of his amazing work visit his site at: http://www.edoardobrisenophotography.com

Cover photo: pixabay.com



  • So true Caroline! There are definitely organizations and systems in place in our world that keep us from living a life of freedom emotionally, financially, and relationally. When I’m confronted with this awareness I remind myself these organizations remain in power because on some level “we the people” are in agreement. On a deeper level we don’t know who we are so we look outside of us for that answer. The more people turn inwards for the answers, the less powerful corporations will become.

    • You´re completely right Shelah, we ARE in agreement, I hadn’t thought of that. It is easy to get lost in their propaganda and it does require a daily analysis to get ourselves back on track. I know I have to think about it everyday when I find myself acting in way is not truly mine. Thank you for your comment 🙂

  • Good job! It really makes ya think.
    Number 6 is complicated, is hard to explain but I think you did a great job. you´re right, something about being a corporate slave doesn’t seem right.
    Keep it up.

    • Thank you! Is nice to see nice comments like yours

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