I can´t help feeling frustrated by realizing how diminished and undervalued writers are in current times. Why specifically in current times? Because people read more and technology has helped us have access to more information and to different forms of writing. So with everyone reading and learning more, why are our writers undervalued and not recognised?

In ancient times (last century) you had to buy everything you wanted to read; books, magazines or newspapers. All we have to do now is type a little something and voila.

Unfortunately the price of this easy access to information is not paid by the reader but by the writer. Writers, just like everyone else in the world, need to make a living. But our work is many times undervalued when it comes to set a price for it.

We end up working for free many times, but why? So we can get our work viewed, so we can share, so we can build up an audience.

Here in Mexico the normal rate for a freelance story of 500 words is 2 dollars! TWO! There is a huge market for freelance writing, businesses are  looking for someone to write content for their blogs or sites. But at TWO dollars a story it can’t even be considered a remunerating job.

Here are 7 reasons why we need to value writers. Of course there are many more but I don´t want to steal too much of your time.

1-   Writers Inspire

I don´t know about you but I´ve read amazing words that have catapulted my imagination to worlds I never imagined could exist. Through words I´ve found strength to keep going and inspiration to pour into my life. Writers can help you travel without leaving the comfort of your bed and inject your mind with creativity and vision.

F. Scott Fitzgerald went to his grave believing he was a failure, he thought his work would be forgotten, that the souls he had touched would follow him to the grave and that time would bring new authors who´s words would substitute his place.

The Great Gatsby (written by him) has influenced and inspired multiple films, books, operas, video games and theater plays.

Writers inspire other artists, a long with engineers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, housewives and pretty much anyone who is willing to read their words.

2-   Writers Help


From spiritual teachers to great philosophers, their words can bring us peace in a moment of despair or guidance when we are lost.

I´m a huge fan of Anthony Robbins. Of course I can read a quote or maybe see one of his workshops on Youtube, but his books are the ones that fully cover to a total extent what he wants to send. And the best thing about the written word is that if you ever find yourself in need of help you can just open it and you´ll have the words to guide you through doubt.

3-   Writers Share

 A writer is not a writer unless she/he shares their work.

For years I called myself a writer until a fellow traveler asked me, “where can I read your work?” And I replied “Nowhere, I write for myself” and he said “well then, you are not a writer, you have a journal but not everyone that writes is a writer. If they were then every student in university could call themselves writers”

He was harsh but he was right.

Writers share! Writers share whatever it is they know and whatever it is they feel. What would we read if writers didn’t share their thoughts?

I know my travels wouldn’t have been as meaningful with out the great words of poets and writer’s who´s words helped me understand and shape my mind.

4-  Writers Motivate

Where do you think all those beautiful quotes came from? WRITERS!!!!

Writers pour their heart and soul into creating amazing pieces of work to touch your soul and get your body running.

Someone, a human being has written every article you have read. That is one job computers and robots can never substitute.

A robot or a machine will never have the human experiences, creativity and the soul to create a story or a book that can motivate others to achieve something greater or to teach something worth learning.

Of course the typing is done on a computer but the soul behind it is a human that is typing each and every letter to make you get off your ass and do something.

5-   Writers Teach


 In university what do we do? We read.

The spoken word is easily forgotten but the written word can last forever. Which is why contracts are done in printed words.

Writers teach, A LOT!! Which is why you have to read  loads of words during your bachelor´s, masters or Ph.D.

Through their words we not only find academic knowledge but spiritual and emotional wisdom that can guide us through the hardest times or make the best of our lives.

There´s a reason even after thousands of years, great philosophers and spiritual teachers words are still present, such as: Socrates, Aristotle, or even Jesus. Hey remember the bible? Yeah, well someone wrote that and it alone has changed the world drastically over thousands of years. Not that it’s my favorite book but I know a lot of people who are fans.

Whatever it is that you want to learn books will help you, well… in today’s times books and blogs.

6-   Writers Entertain

Not every word you read is philosophy, spiritual or self-help stuff. Sometimes you just need humor and entertainment.

Gossip, jokes, stories, journals…  There is someone behind those words. Someone who is poring their clever thoughts into making you laugh and find a  moment of fun and entertainment.

You know those amazing Hollywood films? Someone wrote those scripts. Writers are everywhere!

7-   Writers Awaken Emotions


Happiness, love, lust, loss, despair, anger, frustration, excitement… Great writers have the power to awaken these within your being.

Great novels can transfer us into the very characters being and we can experience life through them, the highs and the lows. You know that moment when you climb into a book and suddenly you become him/her? You´re loving like they are, you´re hating like they are, you´re excited like they are.

Writers can somehow get in there and shake you from the inside and make you feel alive through the intensity of feelings.

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Photo Credit: Pixabay.com

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