You probably see awesome Instagram accounts where the sun is always shinning and people live in what it seems an  endless adventure. One-day they´re in Bali, the next they´re in Fiji.

You sit behind your desk with the screen shouting at you “JUST LEAVE!”

For a split second you think, “I could do this” but then you quickly realize you have a mortgage or a steady job and if you where to leave what would you do afterwards?

You start rationalizing why you shouldn´t and find comfort in all the reasons you should stay.

Well…. Don´t worry about it, you´re not the first one or the last one to think like this. Many travelers have been where you are and they regret many things in their lives but staying is not one of them.

I lived with travelers for a whole year, I would see them come and go, everyday new faces and new stories to be heard. Some had been traveling a few months, others for a few years and a few for a few decades. The road is their home.

Why YOU can also make it happen? Very simple, there´s nothing that they have that you don´t. Except the will to do it.

1- A job is a means to get from where you are to where you want to be.



Unless you have a job that you absolutely love, you are simply performing a task to get money so you can live.

The majority of travelers don´t get jobs they love, they get jobs to get money to do what they love. Many of them are not writers, photographers or web developers. So they get temporary jobs that will pay enough to get them back on the road.

For a short period of time they´ll double shifts and work endlessly. Once they´ve saved enough money they leave. When they run out of money they do it all over again. They usually work six months out of the year and travel the other six. Some will do one on one. One year of work and one year of travel and so on.

Travelers don´t have mortgages, they don´t spend their money on fancy clothes or flash cars, they live with the basics so it makes it a lot easier to save money.

2- If you´re healthy and have a passport, what’s keeping you?


Like my friend Stan use to say “As long as I have my health I have everything. I can work, I can travel, I can climb mountains and cross rivers, anything else can be resolved.”

Stan would never say, “As long as I have my health I have everything. I can work so I can buy the new IPhone, a new pair of fancy shoes and get a new BMW.”

There are events in life, which can keep many from hitting the road; an illness is one of them. However, if you´re healthy what are you doing with your healthy body? Just sitting on a chair, working, shopping and drinking?

3- You can always buy more stuff


You won´t take any of your precious material belonging to the grave, so why are you accumulating so much? Travelers own only what they can carry. I´m sure if you sell a lot of your material belongings you´ll make enough cash to get yourself out of there.

If you ever decide the road is not for you, you can always buy another bed, another couch and kitchen appliances.

On the other hand you wont be young forever and trust me, is harder to climb mountains when you´re 80 years old.

4- Take advantage of being single (if you’re single)


Getting married, having children, getting a mortgage. Yes, this is an adventure as well. However, you have your whole life to do that, once you get those things and people, it won´t be as easy to just drop everything and leave.

From all the travelers I met (which are in the thousands) only a handful had children and they couldn’t reach very far with them, not every hostel accepts children and a kid finds it harder to walk miles in the desert or climb high mountains. You can only do child-friendly activities.

5- You owe it to yourself to have an awesome adventure



Five years from now, twenty years from now, what will you remember from today?

You woke up, went to work, fought traffic, came home, watched T.V. maybe went out with some friends and talked over a few beers.

Or… you could remember having mind-blowing conversations with complete strangers, bungee jumping and feeling your heart come out of your stomach, lay on the grass on top of a cliff and watch shooting stars, then run away from an angry bird that would rip your fingers off. Going out with people you just met and realizing years later they are the coolest people you have ever met.

Falling in love with the most unimaginable person, getting sunburned because you forgot there is no ozone layer where you are and that life is the coolest adventure if only you go out and find it.

6- A Reset is sometimes necessary


A break-up, a divorce, getting fired from your job, falling on a routine, the death of a love one or not feeling satisfied with your life.

Sometimes you just need to reset. And the best way of doing that is getting AWAY. Away from everyone’s opinions, away from the known and into the unknown. Away from who you think you are only to realize you don´t even know.

Traveling and getting far away from your comfort zone, is a way of exploring not only the world around us but the deep end of your heart, mind and soul.

Is resetting from a previous life, one you rarely come back to again.

Travelling truly does change you and generally in a good way.

7- The problem is to believe we have time


Maybe I’ll do it next year, maybe later. ‘Later’ always seems more comfortable. Is not easy otherwise everyone would do it.

Is not easy quitting your job and leaving everything you know and stepping into complete uncertainty. It is a frightful feeling. However it is an adventure, that makes your heart beat, your blood rush through your veins and event that will give you experiences that you´ll remember for a lifetime.

You never know what life has in stock for you, so make the most of what you can do today. Tomorrow can be too late.

Sail away captain!

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  • Love this Caroline! I have a friend who recently became a traveler! She sold all her belongings and bought an RV with her boyfriend. I follow their adventures through their blog and it definitely seems they’re having an amazing time! 🙂

    • Thank you Shelah!! I love those stories. They were the best ones. The ones who got rid of everything and set sail. What’s the name of their blog? I love reading about adventure.

  • I want to get away someday. just travel the world. 🙂 thank you

    • You are very welcome, I am truly sure you will someday. Everything has it’s time under the stars.

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