What is a social contradiction? A perspective that clashes against what is considered “traditional” or “normal.” It is a paradox and an inconsistency that creates a double moral standard that gives way to a problem of inequality in society.

This story is a continuation of 7 Social Contradictions We Need To Change. The purpose is to become aware of them so we can find a way to make amends and change our perspective to be more equal, open minded and fair towards others. It is an easy way to create a more peaceful world. 

  1. Not Having Children VS Having Children


If you don’t want to have children and want to get sterilized, your doctor will ask you a million questions to make sure that you are conscious of the decision that your making and it is very likely he won’t perform the operation, claiming “ethics.”

If you, however, WANT to have a baby then your doctor will never ask you “why do you want to have children?” or if you are conscious enough about certain issues to make that decision.

Bottom line: If you don’t want to have children, the world WILL ask you for a million explanations as to why, but if you want to have kids no one will ask you why? Or doubt your mental and emotional health.

  1. Cigarette Smokers VS Carnivores


I agree, smoking is a terrible addiction that is hazardous for the addict and the ones around them. Smoking is very badly seen by society: It is shamed and restricted in many countries of the world now even though smoking indoors is part of 1950’s history.

Smokers have been labeled as the murderers of millions with their second hand smoke and I agree, but people focus on that belief while the meat industry is the number one destroyer of planet earth. Not the oil industry, not the car industry, MEAT.

People eating meat are the ones to hold accountable for the destruction of the rain forest, for global warming, for polluted air and the environmental destruction of the world.

But please!!! Finish your steak and keep your children away from the smokers. How about we create a more equal world where we abstain from eating meat or at least significantly cut back on our intake and respect other people’s right for clean air. It’s a hypocrisy to shame one and support the other.

  1. Judaism VS Other Religions


Speaking badly of Jews or Judaism can give you a prison sentence, a fine or a date with court in many countries in Europe. If you say anything bad about this religion and their followers you will quickly be labeled an anti-Semite.

Famed designer John Galliano learned this lesson the hard way. After a long night of drinking in a bar in Paris, he insulted two customers that approached his table, making discriminatory remarks about the woman’s religion which was Judaism. 

He then got fired from fashion powerhouse, Dior. He went to trial and faced a prison sentence that was later reduced to a fine.

However, if you speak horrors about Islam, Christianity or Buddhism nothing will happen. You are just practicing your right to freedom of speech.

Every religion deserves respect even if some go against our beliefs; respect is the base of human civility and peace and it’s not appropriate to hold laws that give special treatment to only one.

  1. Dog on a leash VS Free Kid


When I go to the park I have to keep my dogs on a leash. They are completely harmless, all six of them. They are, however, considered unpredictable since they’re animals and they can represent a threat to the children at the park.

However, children at the park will approach my dogs and kick them or punch them. Of course! This is not their fault because they’re small children whose behavior is erratic and unpredictable. My dogs, however, are deprived of a place to run freely.

How about this: If I have to keep my dogs on a leash, unable to run freely in the park because they represent a threat to children, then mothers should keep their children on a leash as well. They also represent a threat, not only towards dogs but also towards other children and adults.

But it wouldn’t be fair to strip children from their right of freedom.

Or how about we let both run freely!! Let the kid chase the dog and play together. My dogs can take a punch and a kick from a kid and will never bite back. Can your kid take being licked on the face and maybe getting pushed a few times by my dog?

  1. Being extremely busy VS Relaxing


Being busy is a very hazardous trend; people assume that someone who is busy all the time is hardworking, important and successful and so people are doing everything in their power to stay busy!

Even if they’re not productive, the idea is to be busy doing anything!!! They then hear multiple times that they need to relax, to slow down because they APPEAR like they are getting things done.

But if they work their 40 hours a week and spend their free time reading or chilling by the beach they are considered lazy for not being busy all the time! It’s as if it doesn’t matter how efficient or productive someone really is, that whats important is the IMAGE that they show everyone of themselves.

  1. First World Immigrants VS Third World Immigrants


When you read the news on immigration and scroll down to the comment section, you’ll always notice that the comments referring to “close our borders, we don’t want anymore immigrants” are the ones that have the most green arrows or thumbs up.

However, all of these people are immigrants too, they just don’t know it. The difference is that their ancestors migrated hundreds of years ago and they did so by murdering the locals, the indigenous, the aboriginals and the natives.

But they now consider that land as their own, even though it was taken in an illegal form and they themselves are IMMIGRANTS. They do however, frown and fight to keep other people out.

Come on!! Jessica and Jones are not Native American names. If you know people who say things like “keep the foreigners out of my country!” please give them a gentle reminder that they themselves are the same as those “foreigners”.

    7- Peace VS War


Everyone wants peace, but many do however want it by imposing their wishes and beliefs upon others by controlling and demanding, which only creates WAR.

Muslims want peace by making others switch to their religion. Jews want peace by making others forcefully respect them.

Whites want peace by secluding the blacks. Mexicans want peace by making everyone become catholic.

Women at the park want peace by making dog owners keep their pets on a leash.

People with children want peace by making childless people have kids.

We live in a world where everyone wants to impose their beliefs, desires and expectations upon others. Does it seem like this has worked in creating a peaceful world?

If we truly want peace, then we need to start respecting others. Even if their beliefs differ from ours it is RESPECT that leads to PEACE. It is what gives way to equal rights, to fairness and to civility.

The moment that rights become discriminatory because of the desires, wishes and beliefs of others is what gives way to war. Just… take a look at the world.

Photo Credit: Pixabay.com

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