We´ve all seen them, although we´ve not all noticed them.

1- Lying VS Truth

source: giphy.com
source: giphy.com

We all hate the truth!

Everyone preaches about telling the truth. Moms tell their children to always say the truth, but whenever the kid does something wrong and he tells the truth he gets scolded for it, so its easier to lie

– ¿Who broke the lamp? The dog did.

For example


-Why are you not coming to my party?

-I don´t like your friends and I think you´re boring

-You are horrible!


– Why are you not coming to my party?

– I have a family thing

– Aah ok, too bad, we´ll miss you.

Enough said. 

If we were better at taking the truth, it would be easier to say it.

2- Overweight Women VS Skinny Bitch


It is extremely wrong to call a woman fat and actually, we promote for women to feel comfortable in their own skin regardless of how heavy they are. We see social support in favor of overweight women; campaigns that promote “love your curves”.

But if a woman is skinny, it won´t be easy either.

You´d think skinny girls would have it easy huh? Think again.

It is socially acceptable to talk badly about skinny women, because it is assumed that they have an eating disorder or they´re trying to imitate supermodels. A lot of women are naturally skinny and they have to put up with horrible comments regarding their weight.

You don’t ask an overweight woman if she´s a compulsive eater do you? But for some reason it´s ok to ask a skinny woman if she´s anorexic. Skinny women have feelings too you know.

It is wrong to make a woman feel bad about her weight; it doesn’t matter where the scale is pointing.

3- Older man/younger woman VS vice versa.


In most marriages world-wide men are older than women. It can be a couple of years or even more, but it´s kind of “tradition” for the man to be older.

But if a woman is older, “Here comes the cougar”. If you´re a woman and have ever dated a younger man, then you´ll know what I’m talking about. The looks of surprise when you tell people and of course the assumption that is not going to work out.

Lets say a man marries a woman eight years younger than he is, there’s no surprise, it´s normal. Hell!! it´s even better, that way he is more economically stable to support her.

But if we turn the tables, then the poor bastard that marries the “older” woman is going to be a “toy boy” and she´s going to be a cougar. I´m guessing the soccer moms are gonna have a good laugh at this.

4- Woman/Woman Kissing VS Man/Man Kissing


A woman kissing a woman is playful, sexy, and fun. But if a man kisses a man, it´s labeled as gross, and definitely gay and so, it´s considered wrong.

A woman is socially allowed to explore her sexuality but if a man does it, the reaction is not the same.

I don’t even want to imagine how teenagers would react if two boys were to kiss at a party, but if two girls do it, it´s awesome.

It should be accepted for both genders, then why is society so hard on men in particular?

5- Third World Boobs VS First World boobs


Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you read National Geographic, you know it´s full of tribal breasts on display, and if you stare you´re an intellectual. The magazines are always just there for everyone to read; doctors office, lawyers office, high school office. But OMG, do not, DO NOT!!! LET MY 14 YEAR OLD BOY LOOK AT KIM KARDASHIANS BREASTS (I hate Kim Kardashian so this is not to improve her reputation or anything, is just to prove a point)

I´ll never forget when I read an article about women around the world, they showed a tribal woman with bare breasts and Kate Winslets breasts. Kate´s breasts were blurred out but the tribal woman´s weren’t.

Apparently Kate Winslets breasts on Titanic where pornographic, but not the tribal woman’s breasts while dancing.

6- Soccer Mom VS Soccer Dad


Source: Giphy.com
Source: Giphy.com

Stay at home moms are nothing new, we see them at the soccer games, cooking in the kitchen, exercising and paying for everything with their husbands credit cards. They go to PTA meetings and walk around shame-free.

But my heart truly goes out for the poor stay at home dads. If a man stays at home and does the exact same thing as a stay at home mom does, it will NEVER BE ENOUGH. He will always be called the “lazy fuck that does nothing”.

A woman who is economically supporting a household while her husband does all the home duties is badly seen by society, because our genitals are still on full display for the world to see.

Men can also be awesome in the kitchen, with kids and with the cleaning, but socially, this is emasculating. It´s alright for a woman to do it, but not for a man.

A mans power is not determined by how much money they make or by their daily routine. We really need to start looking deeper into what we value in a man. Money is not all there is.

7- This Blog VS Justin Bieber


source: Giphy.com
source: Giphy.com

This blog is awesome and it only has 2,000 likes on Facebook, while Bieber has millions.

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    • Im glad you liked it Dafis! thank you for reading 🙂

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