After a long night partying on Saturday I woke up the next morning or should I say ‘mourning’ with a messed up body and a very sore stomach from all the wine I had drunk –very irresponsible at my nearly 30 years of age.

I started popping the pink pastel, little tables for an upset stomach but they didn’t do the charm, and my tummy was still raging in pain.

Then, this beautiful angel walked into my room with a glass in her hand, a green thick content in it.

“Drink this my darling” the beautiful angel said. “What is it mom?” I replied. “Is aloe vera with peppermint it will make you feel better.”

The flavor was nice – a bit bitter but barely noticeable. After a few minutes the pain was gone, the beautiful angel had cured me from this agonizing pain.

“Thank you mom! You cured me” I said with excitement.

“It wasn’t me my love, it was the aloe vera” the beautiful angel replied.

Aloe vera has been used in herbal medicine since the beginning of the first century AD for different ailments, as well for its beauty enhancing properties. Since it is considered a skin ‘booster’.

Here is a short list of SOME of the ailments and diseases it can help treat:

1- Genital herpes

It is very unlikely  herpes will permanently disappear from your body but aloe is a helpful aid in treating the outbreak of blisters caused by the disease.

 2- Psoriasis

Aloe in its natural form or in cream can help treat psoriasis and smooth and clear the skin from the lesions that characterize this disease.

3- Cancer prevention

Preliminary evidence shows that aloe vera may reduce the risk of lung cancer or tumor growth.

 4- Canker sores

Aloe gel can help reduce canker soars and prolong and ulcer-free mouth.

 5- Chemotherapy adjuvant

Recent studies suggest that aloe, in addition to chemotherapy, may improve chemotherapy effects on tumor growth and survival.

6- Skin conditions

Aloe vera is a powerful aid  in treating skin conditions. Scabies, sunburned skin, tungiasis (skin inflation) and skin ulcers can be treated with aloe. Is no coincidence that many body lotions and skin medications have aloe vera as an active ingredient.

7- Promotes hair growth

Thanks to its rich enzymes and natural vitamins, aloe can promote healthy hair growth. 

8- Stomach ulcers

Aloe vera juice is a substances that helps loosen and flush undigested, toxic build-up from the stomach walls. For ulcers, in the same way aloe vera gel soothes and stimulates healing in burns, ulcers are soothed, protected and stimulated towards healing.

When taking aloe orally you have to make sure to eat/drink the gel and not the latex. The gel is the jelly like part of the plant, a clear substance that  makes the inner thick part of the leaves. The latex is the bright, yellowish substance found  just beneath the outer skin of the leaves.

The latex is an efficient laxative but it is not approved by the FDA.

Remember to discuss with your doctor before taking an alternative approach to allopathic medicine.

Sources: Mayo Clinic, Livestrong, Marie Claire. 

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