I was having a conversation with Baby Boomers, a generation that was born between 1942 and 1960.

They were discussing how my generation — commonly known as the millennials (born between 1980 and 2000) are not handling things well.

We are losing family values, we are constantly self-absorbed in technology, we’re lazy, we’re atheist, idealistic and refuse to grow up.

I quickly stepped in to defend my generation not because I think we are awesome, but because I think that we cannot take all the blame in being what you consider FUCKED UP. And here’s why:

We have inherited your mistakes, which has brought on a wave of side effects, problems you had but refused to change or fix. Maybe because you didn’t had enough information or maybe because you were just to lazy to do anything about it.

You know our economic system, capitalism? Yeah well it kinda flourished during your generation, but hey, you had money, you had time, why would you complain. You never gave it a little thought to realize that it wasn’t as fair as they made it out to seem.

The whole ‘shopping makes you happy attitude’ you came up with it and my generation is perfecting it, which is horrible, but you planted the idea. You left us your plastic trash and taught us how plastic is made.

Your generation invented Greenpeace but labeled it a “hippie movement”; my generation thinks Greenpeace is cool.

My generation is dealing with your lack of activity to demand fairness and equality. This century is being marked –among other things- by inequality. The gap between the rich and the poor is growing by the second.

When you were young the middle class was something common, in my generation is something rare because most of us are falling to the lower part of the scale.

You’re calling us lazy because we switch jobs very often and can’t keep one. Well… that’s because corporate slavery is the trend now and many of us refuse to work 70 hours a week in a shit job that pays peanuts.


I bet most of you didn’t have to do that. You came home at 5pm and had a nice dinner with the family. Doing over time in a job wasn’t a daily thing. The 9 to 5 job is over for us, we have 7 to 11 now. Oh yeah and in case you don’t know that’s from 7am to 11pm, weekends are not sacred anymore and don’t even get me started on vacations which are pretty much nonexistent.

Why is work so hard on us? You’re parents breed like rabbits and that’s how you came into the world. You followed your parents footsteps and had fewer children than them but you still had many, you had generations X’s (born between 1960 and 1980) and millennials, you had so many that you overpopulated the planet and so now there aren’t enough jobs for all of us. You were 3 billion by the end of the 1950s, we are 7 billion now – a few billions of those are generation X and our fault as well. But hey, you created us.

Corporations know this, so they take advantage of the overflow of new college graduates in desperate need of a job to pay their ridiculous student loans and so they know they have a slave for decades to come. Someone who will put up with long shifts because if he/she doesn’t do it, someone else will.

Of course when we’re working so much and barely making ends meet that leaves nearly no time for family. Back in the day when you were young, one parent made enough money to support a household. In today’s times both parents need to work so that doesn’t leave much time to take care of the kids.

We’re called Peter Pan’s because we refuse to grow up. We don’t have mortgages, jobs, live at home with our parents and we marry later than you did.

When you were young you probably had a mortgage at 25 and two kids. But you could also afford a down payment and had money to feed your children.

My generation doesn’t make much and prices have gone ridiculously high. We don’t get married young – among other reasons- because we can’t afford it. We usually have to work years to climb the corporate ladder so we can make enough money to afford a marriage.

Oh yes, and you bought a house, we can only buy an apartment. Gardens are a luxury today.

We’re too self-centered in technology? Of course! our jobs require it, we live in the virtual world a lot more than in the real world. Today’s life style is so fast that it leaves little time to meet with friends or family, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype… Social media is our way of contact now — I agree the majority are abusing them. However let me remind you that social media has also helped in connecting people with friends and family by narrowing the distance through a screen.

Atheist you call us. You dare to blame my generation’s downfall because of our lack of religious beliefs? How dare you! How fucking dare you bring GOD into this. When we are beginning to free ourselves from the lies and hypocrisies from religious institutions, the same ones that have caused wars and are still causing them. You couldn’t put a stop to Palestine/Israel and after 60 years we still can’t because you continued to engrave such a sinful lie about religion that has destroyed many lives.

My generation is more awaken to the lies you bought and taught us and we now are beginning to question everything because you lied A LOT. You’re coke was sweetened by sugar cane; ours is sweetened by corn syrup.

Terrorists in your times didn’t bring down building, didn’t blow up trains, terrorist when you were born were dictators like Hitler and Stalin and the world hated them and fought against them. My generation’s terrorist are also presidents, CEO’s and prime ministers of powerful countries; along with religious extremist you didn’t care about stopping. Many of our terrorists are praised and travel the world freely with complete impunity.

I sometimes wonder, what did you do to leave us a better world? You gave us women and African Americans more rights and for that I am extremely thank full. But could you say that you’re generation stood above all others in making this a better world? No, then how can you be so hard in judging us when  we’re not even halfway through the race?

I’m not saying my generation is perfect, is it very far away from it. We do need to work A LOT in being better and create a better world than we got,  but we’re trying.

But of course, we’re… what do you call us? Idealistic right? Well, that’s because in spite of the world we’ve inherited, we have hope. We believe we have the power to make it better, and where there’s a will there ‘s a way. Don’t steal that away from us.

You’re our aunts, our uncles, fathers, mothers, grandparents and teachers. You raised us and you didn’t do a bad job because somewhere in there, you also taught us hope.







  • Interesting read, Caroline! 🙂 I’ve often thought through this line of reasoning (or something similar) when my mom complains about my generation (I’m on the tail end of X). I think about all the ideologies we have inherited and how the generations before us borrowed from our futures to live high on capitalism. Yes, they had houses…on credit…and taught our generation to live beyond their means until the bubble burst and we’re the ones who have to tighten our wallets to pay for their high living. My parents have a bigger house than I currently do (and raised 8 kids on a single income)…I live in a dual income no kids household. I do believe we have hope though. 🙂

    • Thank you Shelah.
      I hadn’t thought about that, living on credit and how it is a “lesson” taught by our parents generation and it is sooo right. Another trait that it is strongly imprinted in Millennials. Hopefully we can make things go up hill from now on. Here’s hoping and thank you for widening my thoughts on this. You always give me an insight I overlook.

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