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The purpose of this blog is to share a different perspective to ordinary life. You know how your mother tells you, “There’s always two sides to every story.” Well… this is the other side, the one that is not usually said at loud or advertise by the media.

It is simply a different way of thinking, eating and traveling  among  other things.

About me?

You can call me Caroline. I am Mexican by birth.

I am a former journalist, radio producer, bartender, community campaigner and waitress among other professions. However, I have lived an extraordinary life surrounded by extraordinary people who have taught me beyond from what I ever could have learned in a classroom.

The only unsolicited advice I can give you when reading this blog is: Open your mind and sail into the wanderside. 

Note: English is not my first language and I’m dyslexic. Sorry for the grammar and spelling mistakes.



  • Please add me to your e-mail.

    • Hi June, of course! just pop me an email with your email. Thank you 🙂

  • Hi, I ran across an article of yours in Tiny Buddha and checked out your website. I love it! You go with my mindset and its wonderful to find another kindred spirit. Peace and joy, Kim

  • Hi Caroline
    Nice article.. Subscribed to ur future articles. Will keep reading…

    • Hi Shree, sorry for the late reply. Thank you!! Look forward to having you as a reader.

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  • WANDERful blog Carooo!!

    • Thank you very much, I’m glad you liked it Juan

  • Loved your thoughts.. Keep inspiring.

    Regards Anoop

    • Thank you so much Anoop. I’m glad you liked my blog. Best wishes

  • I like you very much

    • Well thank you very much. I like you liking me.

  • Hi, I stumbled on (surely not by chance- Everytging happens for a reason!) your blog from Little Buddah and love it. If I was organized I would write my own blog, maybe one day, for now I’m a a stressed, non productive artist. And that’s fine. My father was and still is a vital inspiration. If we allow for & welcome growth it comes to us in so many, many ways, especially the ‘bad’. My dad died too soon & without warning. I was 40, I may as have been 14, and it seems like yesterday. I Do feel, not see, his spirit as well as others. Last night I was joined by one that follows me & was up late searching for an article to send s friend in crisis. (Note: 5 days ago my boyfriend was unjustly fired from his very successful & lucrative job. So I’m not exactly in a normal state myself. I’m not worried.) The esoteric world is a place I call home. This earth is full of mysteries that few people see until tragedy or the unforeseen happens. My life is layered & complicated but for every setback I have chosen to propell forward, sonetines just barely, Thank you for sharing your father with the world, may he help many see its beauty!

    • Hi Angeline! Thank you so much for your message. I’m so sorry to read that you’ve lost your father. I think regardless of someones age, losing a parent makes us feel like we’re little girls. The pain is indescribable and certainly lasting. I think we don’t ever get over it, we just learn to live with it, I think you might like my story “Things People Don’t Tell You When You Lose Someone”. Regarding you’re partner’s job, what can I say… We live in a world of duality and contact change, it’s frightening to notice how little control we have over our lives, our jobs, our loved ones. It’s like that quote from life of pi “at the end the whole of life becomes and act of letting go, but what always hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye” and I think you should give art a try, you might surprise yourself and realize how much passion you hold within you, a passion that you should share with the world.

  • I stumbled on your blog via Little Buddha and just read your piece Thoughts of an Anxious Mind. I can’t tell you how relieved I am to know that I’m not the only one to have a mind that works that way! Constantly racing and inundated with thoughts that turn into stories that turn into epic tales and tragedies–in my head. I’ve been like this for a long time, probably always, but it’s only in recent years that it’s started to get the better of me. I’m hitting 50 next week and have had health issues, family dates and disasters this past year, all of which have sent my mind racing even more than normal. I do yoga, I meditate and, like you, while I’m meditating it eases for a while, but as soon as I stop the racing starts up again. My doctor is trying to have me visit a psychotherapist but I’m a little wary. I’ve also tried the writing it all down at night in an attempt to empty my head before bed and my scribblings read like yours, all over the place, leaping from one thought to another to another and usually to the worst possibly scenario. I saw a counsellor last year who identified me as a catastrophizer, and I did some CBT which helped a little for a short time. I’m still searching for a way to stop myself worrying and my mind racing but in the meantime, it helps to read about other peoples experiences. Thank you for sharing.

    • Don´t feel bad Debs, the mind is the hardest part of us to master. Some of us have more anxious minds that others. It takes being on a constant watch, constant analysis to see where the thoughts come from. Don´t push them away, instead accept them us they come, try and understand the root of the though and then let it go, by this I mean don´t cling to it too much. I´ve actually been seeing a psychiatrist and a psychologist, they´re both helping and I´m also taking a tiny dose of xanax which helps me sleep. I´m taking this while I get myself sorted with my issues and troubles and it has helped a lot. But of course like any medication it requires caution and a lot of self-awareness to avoid becoming hooked. Hope your life gets better and that your mind becomes more peaceful.

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