question about self-discovery

We all ask multiple questions during our lifetimes. Nevertheless, most questions are generally directed towards others. How often do you question yourself about different aspects of life, love, and your own self? Here are 20 questions that will help you a  bit to understand more about yourself, your desires, your heart and your mind.   1. […]


When China applied its one child policy it received worldwide criticism. Human Rights activists got a feast from that, proclaiming that it is a universal right to breed as much as you want regardless of a person’s economical, psychological, emotional and physical circumstances. But is breeding a human right? If you wish to adopt a […]

I read a quote on Facebook recently that said something like this: “You can´t raise your children the same way you were raised because you were raised in a world that doesn´t exist anymore.” This happens for every generation because the world is forever changing. Nevertheless, we can´t deny the fact that the world has […]