When China applied its one child policy it received worldwide criticism. Human Rights activists got a feast from that, proclaiming that it is a universal right to breed as much as you want regardless of a person’s economical, psychological, emotional and physical circumstances. But is breeding a human right? If you wish to adopt a […]

Written by: Jana Tosic   I will not write about depression from the perspective of science, but from personal experience. Because I think that you can learn many things when you’re talking from personal experience. How you have overcome it, healed sincerely and in a more convincing manner than if you heard about depression from […]

I read a quote on Facebook recently that said something like this: “You can´t raise your children the same way you were raised because you were raised in a world that doesn´t exist anymore.” This happens for every generation because the world is forever changing. Nevertheless, we can´t deny the fact that the world has […]