The first thing everyone does when there’s another school shooting in the US is blame it on gun control. “If guns weren’t so easy to buy there wouldn’t be school shootings,” or “It’s the US’s fault, they love their guns so much.” Guns are illegal in my country and let me tell you that being “illegal” has done NOTHING to stop murders.

I’m not a gun lover or anything, I’ve never fired one, nor am I planning on doing it. However, I think is important to make it clear that school shootings ARE NOT an effect of the lack of gun control in the US.

If guns were to become prohibited in the States, it would do as little to avoid shootings as illegal drugs have done to prevent junkies. Who wants to kill, will find a gun to shoot, just like anyone who wants to do drugs can find them, regardless of their state if illegality. The Internet has made finding all kinds of illegal stuff reachable for anyone who knows how to use the web, and making the Internet illegal, is again, not something that could fix the problem.

2015 is not even over and there’s already been 45 school shootings. It’s no surprise to the world that the US has a serious problem in their hands. It is atrocious, sad and worrying that for many Americans, going to school has cost them their lives.

When I read American news and specially the comments at the bottom is surprising to see how everyone is looking for someone to blame but no one turns that finger towards themselves and say, “It’s our fault.”

Of course, no one wants to take the blame for it, how could they? How could they hold themselves accountable for such monstrous crimes?

The reality is that it’s not one thing that would need to change, but several, the task of making everything better requires such hard work that many prefer for the school shootings to continue than to work to become a more civilized society.

The school shootings are just a consequence of the multiple issues that has taken over American society as a whole; racism, violence culture, celebrity worship, neglect, gender role and the list goes on.

Who’s Truly Raising Your Children?


In spite of what is believed, Americans do spend time with their children. However, the time that is spent with them is not always quality time. Parents can be physically with their children but their not raising them; they leave the education to the schools and the screens.

When children are with mom or dad they are generally distracted by electronics such as the television, computer, video games or Iphones. Then who’s doing the education?

Schools teach them how to read, write and general history, but who’s teaching your child values, social skills, empathy, discipline and above all, who’s giving your child love? The television, the computer, video games, social media and everything that has a screen, and parents’ think they’re giving their children love by purchasing. By buying them video games, laptops, iPhones and bigger T.V’s.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics website, children between the ages of 2 and 18 spend an average of three hours each day watching television. A three-year National Television Study, reported by the AAP, found that children’s shows had the most violence of all television programming. By the age of 18 children will have seen 16,000 simulated murders and 200,000 acts of violence on television. Prolonged exposure to this type of violence increases acceptance of violence as a means of solving problems.

“Fear of being the victim of violence is a strong motivation for some young people to carry a weapon, to be more aggressive,” claims the American Academy of Pediatrics website. Violence portrayed on television is shaping the attitudes and manners of society.

Teenagers on the other hand, maintain their T.V. schedule plus add nine hours a week on video games. This according to The Kaiser Family Foundation Report.

When adding the time spent on the computer and phone the survey added that 50 hours in the week are spent on a screen. 50 HOURS!

Then question goes? Who is truly raising you children and teaching him/her values?

The screens are. That’s how children learn how to treat others, how to treat women, what to expect from life, how to react to life, how to defend him/herself. It is not what we do sporadically that shape our bodies, attitudes and minds but what we do in ordinary basis. Repetition is a form of learning.

If parents tell their children once that they love them and spent quality time once a week is not really having a positive effect on them, the screens still hold a higher power. You are a visitor in their lives; their screens are their faithful follower.

Parents’ showing their love through material purchases shows their children money = love, and so they grow up with an extremely hazardous mental program that will lead them to some very troubling mental issues.

Parents’ aren’t raising their children, everyone around them is, everyone but them, they’re just providing the material requirements of raising a child; food, shelter, toys, clothes and electronics.

The only constant education that their receiving comes from the negative messages on their screen. That fame and celebrity status is everything and gives a person notoriety and power. How social media “likes” determines their popularity and self-worth, how violence is a means to get justice, how women are sexual objects to mistreat, how religions different to the one of choice is something negative that deserves punishment and a very important factor: MEN ARE TAUGHT AT A YOUNG AGE THAT THEIR EMOTIONS ARE TO BE KEPT SILENT. 

They grow up with many negative emotions bottled up, men are NOT socially allowed to cry, it is perceived as something that steals their masculinity away. It’s no coincidence that the majority of school shootings are perpetrated by men. They then express those negative emotions in a violent way that is considered “masculine.”

Anything children are seeing on the screen they are reenacting in real life. Take a look at the self-absorption of teenagers, the rudeness and violence that come out of children’s mouths and the actions that are determining their character. The T.V. movies, video games, social media, they’re all educating your child.

What’s the result? Take a look at the news. Bullying is now something ordinary in a child’s life. Who’s the bully? Where are his/her parents? How are they raising her/him? It is clear that something is extremely wrong with children in the US, what’s even more worrying is that they will be the future leaders, then what is to expect from the US in the next 30 years?

The screens in our lives are here to stay, the government is not going to censor violence and sex from the T.V. video game developers are not going to stop making them less violent, social media won´t disappear, and celebrities will keep on trying doing everything to get our attention.

You however hold the power to switch off, as children you can teach them valuable lessons on empathy, moral, dignity, expression and love, so that when they become teenagers you wont have to turn on the T.V. to see that your kid has murder his classmates.

It is not the government’s responsibility to educate your child, it does offer academic learning but education comes from home.

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