When we see superheroes in movies we admire they´re ability to save others. We sometimes envy some of their powers; being invisible, flying or controlling  the weather. However, all superheroes have one superpower in common and it´s not  envied, because we rarely notice it. Can you guess which one is it?


They all have an empathy towards others that drives them to seek justice, protect the unprotected and improve the situation of the world. Luckily for us mere humans, compassion is a superpower that resides in all of us, our worlds biggest problem is that it is asleep in most of us.

When we see the state of the world we wonder, how can we be saved? The answer is very simple.  Through the unlimited power of compassion that resides within ourselves.

By improving the circumstances of the world around us we are automatically improving our own. 

According to wikipedia compassion is   the emotion that one feels in response to the suffering of others that motivates a desire to help. Compassion is really the act of going out of your way to help physical, spiritual, or emotional hurts or pains of another.

A Better World


Imagine if for one day every human being upon this world would have absolute  compassion within themselves. What would happen?

It would become a nearly perfect world. I say `nearly´ because there´s nothing we can do against Mother Nature´s power.

Politicians wouldn’t philanderer because they would care about the people. Mining companies would stop destroying the land because they´d care about the well-being of the planet. People wouldn’t use plastic or they would recycle it because they´d care about the oceans and the animals.

We would eradicate poverty,  because employers would pay higher salaries (they wouldn’t only be seeking a profit but also the well-being of their employees). We would all pitch in to assist those who don´t  have a job or can´t get one because of physical or mental disabilities.

Burglars, bullies, terrorists, rapists and every other type of criminal would seize to exist, because they´d have  empathy towards their possible victims and would start protecting them instead of wanting to harm them.

We would all become vegetarians and people would stop wearing fur. We would be thinking of the well-being of animals instead of our own (animals would be very happy for this).

Poverty, , famine, envy, racism, slavery, slaughter, pollution and terrorism  among many other  issues would disappear. We would live in a peaceful world.

Where is Compassion in Today´s World

Luckily we still live in a world were compassion is visible, although is not always highlighted by the media. The superheroes of today are those who´s names we don´t even know.

The ones who go unnoticed, working in the jungle to save orangutans, the volunteers in Africa, the scientist trying the reverse global warming, lawyers that fight for justice, doctors that work to save lives and not a paycheck.  Ordinary people who find a way to make their lives meaningful by helping others.

Just last week I met a lawyer who said he didn’t like his profession initially because it wasn’t emotionally rewarding, until he found an area that involved improving people’s lives. He became an immigration lawyer and said that when he got to reunited families it was when he felt his job was worth it.

Compassion is still alive in millions of people who find a way to improve some else´s life, we all have a talent and a skill that could be of use to help someone. We all have a minute in our day and an opportunity to practice compassion, is just a matter of noticing it.

Please show a little compassion and share this post 😉

P.S. I´m sorry for the grammar, I´m working on getting better.

Thank you for your compassion.


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