How Perception Can Ruin Your Life Or Bright It Up

I was working and I was very frustrated because I couldn’t get the words out of my head, and for a writer that’s a nightmare.

When suddenly I got a phone call I never would have answered because it came into my landline, not my cell phone, but for some reason I did.

It was my sister; she had been in a car crash.

One year, 3 months and 14 days ago I would have been hysterical, worried and angry, but today I was peaceful like a mountain and I felt extremely lucky and happy to have received that phone call from her telling me she had been in a car crash.


Because she was alive, she was safe and sound to make that angry phone call to me, because she was driving my car and couldn’t find the insurance papers or the circulation card (which is inexistent).

One year, 3 months and 14 days ago I received a phone call that said my dad had died in a car accident.

Today I could have gone to prison because my car has some legal problems I haven’t resolved, going to prison didn’t even seem something that could ruin my day, if anything, it made my day better. Because my sister had been in a car crash and she had made it out alive.

When I got there she was frustrated and angry because the other driver wanted to put the blame on her, however I felt happy!

Seriously? This is it? a tiny bump on the trunk? Fuck it! Lets go drinking, dancing and let’s be happy! You’re alive!

Ok, so I go to prison for a misdemeanor, I’ll make it out and we can go out dancing because I am ALIVE!

Note: My misdemeanor is that I haven’t paid an unconstitutional tax on my car since 2008 and as a consequence my license plates have gone down on the system.

She was frustrated because there was work that needed to be done, until I reminded her that our father died on a business trip. He wasn’t lucky enough to get angry after the car crash because he was dead.

So yes! There’s stuff that you shouldn’t sweat too much. But then again it is the power of perception.

If your life is so amazingly fucking perfect that a harmless car crash can ruin your day, then I’m sorry to say you need a reality check.

And that is the power of perception.

Today I could have sunk myself on the fact my sister had crashed my car (my only material possession) and I could have gone to prison  (it wouldn’t be the first time) and I don’t like it. I had to stand under the sun for two hours, it completely ruined my concentration for work and we had to deal with a bitch that wanted to put the blame on my sister.


I can rejoice on the fact that my sister is healthy and alive, a police officer was present to actually witness the crash and say that it wasn’t my sister’s fault and he was kind enough to understand that my car is not a crime car but just a justice car that refuses to pay unconstitutional taxes.

I had a coconut and pineapple juice that I drank while I smoked a cigarette ( or several) under the warm autumn Mexican sun that kept me warm as I was shitting my pants out of fear I could go to prison.

So yes! Today I enjoyed myself during my sister’s car crash. She was moaning a little bit, but when she came home she felt the luckiest girl on earth, lucky to be bale to take a shower and go to bed. Lucky to live another day.

And just like that my frustration for not being able to come up with words faded into a blissful happiness that reminded me of what is truly valuable in life.

If anyone were to ask me how my day went today, I would say absofuckinglutely perfect.

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