Right this moment while you read this story, ALL of the things listed below are happening whether you’re a witness or not.

  1. Someone is being born and someone is dying.
  2. Someone is having the best day of their lives and someone is having the worst day of their lives.
  3. Someone in the world just got a promotion and someone is getting fired.
  4. Someone is having an orgasm… right now!
  5. Someone is getting married and someone is getting a divorce.
  6. Someone is saying goodbye and someone is saying hello.
  7. Someone is very happy! And someone is very sad.

As you can see there are many different shades of life in just one second, and in every passing second circumstances change for billions of people in the world. We don’t generally see or know the lives of these people that are having a great day or a horrible day, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Just like the majority of the world wasn’t aware of when you were having the best day of your life or the worst. However, while you read this, someone just took the last breath of their life and a tiny little someone is taking their first.

This is the reality of life

Good moments don’t last forever; they are nothing but a glimpse. We can feel content most of our lives (if we’re lucky). However, that euphoric happiness that makes you feel like the entire world is your friend and you couldn’t ask for anything more, can quickly fade away and give way for the worst.

In a split second your entire life can come crashing down, unexpectedly, out of the blue, completely and painfully out of your control.

This too is also a glimpse. When the world feels like it’s crumbling down, when nothing makes sense, when you feel that uncontrollable pain and you feel like the entire world is your enemy. This too, doesn’t last forever.

It is this vulnerability to life that makes it beautiful, that everything is temporary. You can look around you right now and maybe see your beautiful son or daughter laughing at a fly or crying and throwing a tantrum. They’ll grow up someday, move away and you’ll remember the day they were laughing at the fly or throwing a tantrum because you wouldn’t let them stick their hand in the blender.

This is exactly why you MUST appreciate every single moment. Treasure your loved ones TODAY, don’t wait until they take their last breath to remember the wonderful company they were. Embrace every single moment, even if it’s dull and ordinary, because that is life as well and it’s amazing! And when life kicks you in the balls, and keeps throwing shit at you, hold on, be patient, work to get out, because even that won’t last forever.

And then something amazingly great will happen and you will appreciate it greatly, because that is what the bad times taught you. You learn to be happy, to get prepared, to appreciate, because that moment will fade away as well.

It’s very likely that after the really and I mean REALLY horrible times happen your life will never be the same again, and you’ll look back to the ordinary times and remember them with nostalgia. Don’t!

Life happens, it’s moving all the time. It is full of births and deaths, departures and arrivals, of smiles and tears, of many I hate yous followed by many I love yous. Appreciate it ALL today; every passing second life is moving, time has flown by from when you started reading this post until now.

Life is nothing more than a series of moments that fly away and the moment will come when you take your last breath. All the seconds, minutes and hours that composed your life will be gone and while you take your last breath of life, someone, somewhere will be taking their first.

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