A mahatma was once standing near a bazaar shop, looking at the goods for sale, when a thought came to him, which he spoke out to his mind:

“Oh mind”, he said, “I have heard so much about you; why not show me some of your miracles?”

The mind replied:

“Please wait a little while,” and said no more.

Within a short while a man nearby who was selling honey, dipped one of his fingers in the honey and wiped it on the wall. The moment this happened, dozens of flies swarmed over the wall, clung to it and ate the honey. Then more and more flies came and fought to get at the honey. Suddenly a lizard saw them and said to himself:

“Those flies are my food, and therefore I have a right to eat them all up along with the honey.” This he did.

Meanwhile, the pet cat of the keeper of the shop where the mahatma was standing, saw the lizard pounced upon it and ate it. A dog was standing nearby, and the moment he saw the cat catch and eat the lizard, he chased the cat and killed it. As this was the shopkeeper´s pet cat, he lost his temper and asked his servants to catch the dig and kill it.

But the dog happened to belong to a customer who was buying something at the shop; and he became very annoyed at what was being done to his dog. He therefore abused the shopkeeper, and the result was that they had a battle royal.

The mind then asked the mahatma:

“Are you satisfied, now that you have seen a sample of the kind of miracle that the mind performs? I am expert creating desires of every kind, and who knows to what these desires may lead?

“Look at the desire of the flies for the honey. Their tony minds and their senses created this desire. And see what it lead to. A bloody fight between two friends.

“If you wish, I can show many other similar `miracles´, for I am doing them every moment in every part of the world.”


“Thou art at pains to guard the body, but the mind remains unguarded. It desires the noble and the base; it devours both good and evil.”


Source: Tales of the Mystic East, by Hazur Maharaj Sawan Singh

Photo Credit: Eduardo Briseño Photography. If you wish to see more of his amazing work visit his site  at www.edoardobrisenophotography.com 

Cover photo. pixabay.com

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