We see governments, politicians and philanthropist among other rich people investing in education. They tend to paint education as the solution to poverty.

I, like many millennial in the world invested in education. Ok, I didn’t put MY money in it (because I didn’t have any), my parents did, $50,000 dollars for an undergraduate degree in communications. It didn’t teach me how to write better, because I have an advanced degree in dyslexia, even though I work in improving every single day (I know that I still suck so just chill).

Despite dyslexia I still managed to graduate top of my class and I am dam proud of that, because no one but my parents put their mouth and money into my capacity and I showed them that it is possible.

For them it was what they had saved up for, giving me a brighter future. Education seemed like a great investment that could be profitable in the future and give me  economical safety. You know? Making me independent.

Education turned out to be the WORST investment I ever imagined it could be. Investing $50,000 dollars in a taco restaurant would have been a lot more profitable than my colleague degree has been, and I graduated four years ago.

It is not because I lack passion (I have a lot of that), it is not because I lack discipline (I’m a German in that sense) and it is not because I wont take ANY job. I worked for free for three years; I made it to producer in a radio show, I just never got paid because I was told it was a long internship that was going to become a paid job.

I got the ratings up, I made a good dam radio show, what did I get at the end? “Sorry we don´t have any funds to pay you.”

Life goes on, I kept traveling (YES, with my dad’s money) and when he died unexpectedly I decided to go get a job with my degree and my work experience.

There are no jobs! There is slavery! My unpaid internship turned out to be worthless, because there was no money in return.

Since my boyfriend/symbolical husband, is from New Zealand. I started looking at what journalism jobs are like there, and I was extremely sad to find that in a first world country writing jobs pay minimum wage as well.

Then why go to university and get in debt $30,000 Kiwi dollars? — that’s how much a degree costs there, I know!! Cheaper than mine in the third world, THANK YOU MEXICO (NOT, fuck you).

Why get yourself in debt for a job that apparently anyone can do? Why get yourself in debt to get a tittle that pays the same than cleaning in a hostel? — I know this because I work in one.

So here is the paradox of education.

You get yourself in debt to get a job that pays minimum wage, with the hope that you can work your self up to pay for your debt and maybe get a little bit extra to live.

Unless you’re studying to be a doctor, your job can be done by pretty much anyone. I’ve met engineers working as taxi drivers, lawyers in Starbucks and psychologist as schoolteachers.

Having a university degree gives you NOTHING, it is not an investments, is it a waste of money?

Many have accomplished their goals, however, that is not the case of the majority. Here is the thing, PAY ATTENTION.

EDUCATION has become the latest trend; if you don’t have a degree you are nothing. Corporations are pushing for this trend, because the higher amount of graduates that there is the lower they can drop the salaries.

It is all economics; offer and demand. There are TOO many graduates with experience (from unpaid internships), and not enough jobs. This benefits whom? Corporations.

They can say “sorry dude you won’t do it for $200, someone else will” and that’s it, you’re not exclusive, you’re not trendy, you’re going to have to work for free for… I don’t know how long and lick someone’s ass of to the top.


There’s always an exit. I’m not savvy and clever on this part but maybe you are, so don´t lose hope.

Think for yourself, be creative, and don’t think of becoming someone’s bitch. The richest men on earth didn’t even finished a bachelor’s degree; Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Ingvar Kamprad (owner of IKEA!!).

Here’s the thing, a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree or a Ph.D. don’t guarantee you economic success.

Think! Think of what you can do to make something happen for yourself. If I can tell you anything from starting this blog and hoping it could someday become profitable is that, things don’t come easy!

I’m still struggling to get by with my freelance jobs. However, I’ve come to believe that if I go work for someone at this point (I’m 30 years old) I would have to start at the bottom, making $200 dollars a month (Mexican salaries) and I would have to work at least 10 more years to be able to economically fully support myself.

So… I keep working at this shit (my blog) and hope for the best.

Sometimes is the best thing you do, Hey!! You never know if you’ll be alive tomorrow so… do what you love, work hard and hope for the best. Lightening my strike.

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