Women in the 50s wore corsets to get tiny little waists; this of course had detrimental effects on their health.

Women in China would wrap their feet tightly, and break the bones so they could reduce their size, which was considered beautiful at the time.

All along history, men and woman (mostly woman) have done some pretty insane things in the name of fashion, beauty and trends.

Nowadays, people continue to take drastic measures just to feel like they are a part of something, to follow beauty standards or fashion trends.

However, if you’re considering getting any of the next “things”, please make sure you’re actually doing  it for more personal, transcendental reasons, other than to be a sheep.

  1. Tattoos


People have been getting tattoos since ancient times. In many cultures they were a symbol of bravery, spirituality or they reflected a series of values that they imprinted on their skin in the form of tattoos.

As time went by many have gotten tattoos to symbolize a wish, a thought or a memory they hold dearly.

However, many others!! Have gotten tattoos simply because they’re a fashion trend.

Remember back in the early 2000’s, the famous butterfly tattoo millions of girls got on their coaxes’, or… who could forget the Chinese letters many got tattooed on their shoulder blades back in the late 1990’s.

What’s trending now? Getting weird ass tattoos of weird shapes, in a minimalistic style on the forearm. Why? Because is the hipster’s mark.

Nevertheless, it is important, before! We mark ourselves with permanent ink to keep in my mind that a tattoo is FOREVER.

Before you consider getting one, make sure it is a wish from your heart, your soul or a wimp that you’ve wanted for too long and that you’re not just getting it because you want to be “fashionable”.

  1. Any Plastic Surgery That Involves Augmentation!



It is clear to the world that getting bigger everything! Is the trend now.

Bigger breasts, bigger butts, bigger lips. The only thing no one wants to get bigger is love handles. But that is because no one has made it a fashion trend, YET.

Back in the early 2000’s every girl on the face of the earth was working her ass off to get a smaller butt. Then Kim Kardashian came a long with Nikki Minage and now Iggy Azalea and a big butt is what everyone wants.

There’s been a 50% rise in demand for Butt augmentation in the last 5 years. And bigger lips are not falling behind, a new study shows that 36% of young women aged 18 to 26 want lip injections before any other enhancement.

And doctors blame Kylie Jenner.

Before you consider getting anything enlarge make sure you are doing it for the right reasons (I don’t know which ones are those, except if you’ve had cancer and want reconstructive surgery) just make sure you’re not just doing it to keep up with the stupid kardashians

I mean, come on!! You’re talking about surgery here, is your life on the table.

  1. Haircuts



Fashion trends not only dictate what women should wear, but also their haircuts.

Just last year, the trend was having long waist hair. This year is short bobs. Of course models and celebrities got their long locks cut so everyone else did it aswell.

And the year before that was getting half your head shaved. So… there they went millions of girl to their hair salons to get half their heads shaved.

Well… it was all in the name of fashion, it wasn’t long until I heard friends complaining about the horrible mistake they had done, how ridiculous they looked (after the fashion trend had passed) and how the missed their long locks.

Now that the short bob is the trend, I have countless friends that went in to get the fashionable haircut, some loved it others hated it. WE’RE ALL DIFFERENT!! What works for some doesn’t work on others. So stop mutilating your hair in the name of fashion!

  1. Pets!!



A pet is like a tattoo, it is for life! You shouldn’t get a dog because it will make you trendy, or because you’re going to look “fashionable” walking around the neighborhood with it and post cool photos of Instagram.

A pet is a being with feelings, it requires a lot of attention and care. They can live a really long life, some dogs can live up to 17 years, along with cats.

If you get tired of the pet it is cruel to just get rid of it. So PLEASE!!! I urge everyone to reconsider the reasons why you’re getting a pet. If it’s for a fashion trend then it’s better that you get the fashionable haircut, that way you wont be hurting anyone’s feelings, maybe just yours.

  1. Children



Of course! They look adorable with their chubby little cheeks, cute laugh and innocent smile. Celebrities carry their babies like it’s the latest “must have” handbag. They seem to look too cool to pass on.

Media, films and ads advertise the idea of children like they will make EVERYONE happy. However, very few actually make a conscious and reflective decision as to whether is something they actually want. Not just the idea of it, but the reality of being a parent.

Above all the things on this list, children are definitely “something” you should NEVER have for the sole purpose of satisfying a fashion trend. Children are not accessories, they are real human beings, that will grow to become adults and you do not want them resenting you because you had them for the wrong reasons.

Make sure that you want to become a parent for the right reasons, the selfless aspect of parenting and not to use your baby as a fashion accessory.

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