To Breed Or Not To Breed? That Needs To Be a Question


When China applied its one child policy it received worldwide criticism. Human Rights activists got a feast from that, proclaiming that it is a universal right to breed as much as you want regardless of a person’s economical, psychological, emotional and physical circumstances. But is breeding a human right?

If you wish to adopt a child you must be eligible to do so. You are submitted to a grueling questionnaire, tests and psychological analysis to ensure that you are suited to care for a child. You need to hold sufficient economical funds to support it, a stable job, preferably be in a committed relationship and not hold a criminal background. Even physical and mental illnesses are taken into consideration.

Of course this is great! You wouldn’t want a child to end up with a jobless, junkie pedophile right?

Well then… how is it that such parameters are not taken into consideration when a couple is seeking to procreate? Because it is their right?

Because Human Rights claim it is every persons right to have as many children as they want regardless of their circumstances? How about the future child’s rights?

What happens to the kid that’s going to be born in extreme poverty? The kid whose parents have a serious criminal background? The kid that will very likely be abused and neglected? What about the kid who’s going to have to spend their childhood in day care? Where are their rights?

Every single day when I drive around my city (Guadalajara, Mexico) I encounter tens if not hundreds of women that have as many as 15 children, and they’re all on the streets begging for money.

If a doctor dares to sterilize any of these women without them knowing (while giving birth of course), he will face serious consequences. He can lose his job and even get a prison sentence.

However, those women are committing a serious crime by neglecting their own children — I know these circumstances don’t apply for every country in the world, but it has become an increasingly common issue.

In first world countries like Canada, the United States or the U.K. jobless opportunistic people will try and profit from the welfare system. The more children they have the more money that they get. Shouldn’t this be illegal?

The reality of many children in the world

While volunteering in social services in New Zealand I came across many sad stories of these children that had no control what so ever upon their circumstances. They hadn’t wished to be born but even so, they were severely neglected and abused by their parents.

While volunteering in an orphanage for disabled children here in Mexico, I came across even worse stories. A young girl no older than 12 years old with cerebral palsy had been partially eaten by rats after her mother left her alone at home with only a bottle of milk for food.

Her mother needed to work and didn’t have anyone to look after her daughter, so the only thing left to do was leave her at home alone. She then couldn’t care for her any longer after the rats ate her, and she ended up in the orphanage where she died shortly after.

Not everyone CAN BE a parent

Not everyone on the face of the earth was born to be a parent for multiple reasons. I personally don’t wish to have children, nor can I afford it. How could I possibly support a child in a decent environment when I’m making $600 dollars a month? Even if I wanted to have children it wouldn’t be fair to the child to bring them into this world to satisfy my own selfish desires.

Of course! Money is not happiness, I agree. But I also agree on the fact that bringing a child into poverty is not fair on them. They need healthy food, medical care, toys, clothes, education and physical interaction. Nor is it fair for a child to be brought into this world because its parents are seeking an economical profit from his/her existence.

Sadly, many men and women around the world have also become part-time parents and full-time workers.

How is it the child’s fault that his/her parents wanted to continue with their professional careers? In many cases it requires two incomes to support a household, however wouldn’t it be better for the child if its parents decided not to have children AT ALL and focus on their careers instead?

Well… Sorry to say so, but you can´t have everything you want!

I would love to have an elephant running around my backyard, but unfortunately he wouldn’t fit in my backyard nor would it be fair to the elephant to be alone in such a small enclosure. I probably wouldn’t be able to fully support it; they do eat lots of plants you know. And its very likely animal rights activists would strongly oppose this.

I know there are many who will absolutely hate me for saying this, but the truth hurts and I am not one that holds back her tongue.

Not everyone should be a parent; it is not an obligation to breed, nor should it be a right. Many, and I mean MANY people should be prohibited from doing so. Just imagine if reproducing (by that I mean SEX) were an extremely painful experience instead joyful and fun. How many children would there be in the world? What would be the world population?

I’m guessing quite a few billion less.

If reproducing wouldn’t be a right

What if couples and women were submitted to the same parameters as if they were adopting a child? How many neglected and abused children would there be? I would guess there would be a lot less.

What if men and women were to be severely fined for having a child they can´t care for? I bet they would think twice before not using protection.

Not every child that is conceived was conceived with the purpose of unifying the love between two people, or to help the world because we’re in danger of extinction. There are over 7 billion people on the planet. If anything, the world needs fewer humans.

Will your child feel grateful to be brought into this world?

I once heard this man in the street that told me “I realized that the best thing I could do for my children was to not have them.”

It took me a while to understand how wise his words were and how he was right.

When I look at the world, read the news, or just read my Facebook newsfeed I cant help but wonder: Is it really a world where you want to bring the person you’re going to love the most? Whose well-being are you taking into consideration, yours or the future child’s?

I live in Mexico, I know life here is not easy. You’ve probably read the news about my country and thought “WOW, Mexico is really going to hell”, well… pretty much.

But still, millions of people keep voluntarily reproducing.

They don’t really care about their child. If they did they wouldn’t want to bring him/her into the frightful country that Mexico has become, let alone into the world they would be inheriting.

Think of the world your inheriting

I know all this might seem very pessimistic. However, just reflect on the notion of what the world will be like when your child is 20 or 30 years old.

Over population HAS made it harder nowadays than it was for previous generations. Back in the 1950’s getting a job wasn’t that hard because the world population was 3 billion, but now fast forward 60 years. How many unemployed college graduates are there?

What’s the cancer rate worldwide? How’s that swim in the ocean with all that plastic? How about taking a walk through the forest that was chopped down? OOH you want to give your baby healthy fruits and veggies? How about GMOs? And remember to buy a bulletproof vest before you send him/her out to school.

Wouldn’t the best way of fighting child poverty and abuse be by prohibiting those future parents from having them?

It is unfortunate that we don’t all have the possibility of having a child. The bottom line is that if you don’t qualify to adopt a child you probably shouldn’t be having one.

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